The new BuddyTV Guide App with Vibes is here!

BuddyTV Guide is the most comprehensive TV Discovery application for iOS. It's an easy to use TV listings App and you can personalize it to your unique viewing interests.

Vibes are like smart TV & Movie playlists. They're fun to browse, easy to create and can be shared. There's a vast directory of Vibes to choose from and you can create your own. You'll quickly be able to find something interesting to watch with BuddyTV Guide.
  • Search content across streaming and broadcast services
  • Vast and growing directory of Vibes to match your mood
  • Reminders for when something is about to air
  • Customizable TV listings
  • Integrated remote control for AT&T Uverse, DirecTV, TiVo & Google TV
  • Photos, Videos and Slideshows
  • Complete Season/Episode guides
  • Plus more...

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