Why Jack's Final Day on 'This Is Us' Is More Important Than His Death
Why Jack's Final Day on 'This Is Us' Is More Important Than His Death
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Throughout This Is Us, we've seen the ups and downs in the Pearson household, but season 2 has especially focused on the teenage versions of Kevin, Kate and Randall and how they behaved toward their parents before Jack's untimely demise. The latest episode, season 2 episode 13, set up the end of Jack's life, but unfortunately, it comes with a strain in his relationships with his children. Even though his death is what everyone has been waiting for (the revelation of how he died and how that night went down), we should be focusing on his final day, the strains in his relationships, how things ended up with his children blaming themselves and what Jack did for his family in the fire.

Kevin, Kate and Randall

Kevin's relationship with his father has never been great. He's always felt like the outsider in his family because Kate had their father and Randall had their mother, but Kevin was on his own because he never needed the extra support his siblings did. As we saw in this latest episode, Kevin's relationship with his father -- even right before his death -- was complicated and brutal. Kevin treated his father like garbage (and his mother, too.)

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It's strange to see the devastation Jack's death brought Kevin when they were never that close, at least not as close as Jack was with Kate and Randall. Maybe Kevin's biggest loss when Jack died was the loss of never getting the chance to fix his relationship with his father, but he definitely never had a great relationship with Jack, so the writers need to stop making Jack out to be this god-like figure in his life.

As for Kate, her relationship with Jack seems to be the only one that ended, well, decently. At least, sort of. Not only did she fight with her father on that day, she apologized, but she also joined Kevin and Randall as the Big Three left the nest on that Super Bowl Sunday and left their father alone. Knowing Kate blames herself for her father's death, we have to wonder what has yet to happen on that long night that will show the relationships between the children and their father before the end.

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And, finally, Randall's relationship with his father also wasn't awful before Jack's death. Randall perhaps had the healthiest relationship with him when he died, so it's easier to see why Kevin continues to take the loss of their father so hard because he was the hardest on Jack. Randall lost his first father after he ignored his presence all day and tried to connect with a girl that he probably doesn't even remember at this point.

Poor Jack

Watching season 2 episode 13 -- and knowing this is right before Jack's death -- is heartbreaking because it shows how terrible Jack's last day started off. His favorite day, Super Bowl Sunday, was ruined because all he wanted was to spend the day with his family.

His relationships with his children could have been better, especially with Kevin, but his relationship with Rebecca was at least near perfect on his final day. Even before his death, Jack was being the perfect husband, father and man, and he was cleaning up the house and making sure everything was set for his family.

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As we've slowly watched the progression to Jack's death on the series, it's been a heartbreaking road, but the ending is the worst part. We still don't know exactly what happened after the fire started -- or how Kate, Randall and Rebecca ended up outside of the house and Jack was trapped in the fire -- but, even though it's a heartbreaking demise, the real focus of the story shouldn't be on Jack's death. Instead, the story should focus on Jack's life and what he did in his final moments for his family (to save them.)

What do you think? Is Jack's last day alive more important than his death? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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