Rebecca's Constant Struggle to Be a Good Mother Is the Most Heartbreaking Story on 'This Is Us'
Rebecca's Constant Struggle to Be a Good Mother Is the Most Heartbreaking Story on 'This Is Us'
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Over the last season and a half of This Is Us, we've seen the Pearson family through struggles and triumphs, but no one has had it harder (arguably) than Rebecca. This doting mother can never seem to get anything right, and it's agonizing to watch her find out she's doing something wrong every week, because she can never "get it right." This Is Us season 2 episode 11 brings us back to Rebecca's endless quest to be the perfect mother.

Family Therapy

The Pearsons sitting with a therapist, finally, is something that has needed to be explored, and hopefully it'll become a fixture on the show in the future. It's an important step to fixing the relationship between this family. That said, the session's revelation that Rebecca favored Randall over Kate and Kevin is just another example of the pressure she was always under to be a perfect mother.

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It's no surprise, except that Rebecca accidentally spilled the beans. Everything we've seen has pointed to a deeper relationship with a stronger bond between Rebecca and Randall, whereas Kate had their father, while Kevin was left with no one. Lacking problems that needed attention from his parents became the problem that led to the therapy session.

While Kevin's own story of feeling like an outsider in the family is worthy of tears, it's nothing compared to Rebecca's always being the bad guy in the Pearson family.

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The Big Three

When watching, it's hard to really choose who is "right" and who is "wrong" when it comes to the memories the Pearson children hold of their childhood. There's so much we've seen in their past that has negatively affected their present, but there's also a lot of good. However, everyone focuses on the negative. It's hard to imagine what Rebecca's life could have truly been like. Even though we're seeing it unfold alongside their present day lives, she was a stay-at-home mother of three kids with their own problems and her husband had his own issues as well.

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Whether it be Kate's weight, Randall's adoption or Kevin's invisibility, Rebecca can never win with her kids. Even now, all of her children resent her for something, whether it's deserved or not. What This Is Us does so well is explore these feelings from both sides -- so it's not black and white -- and it's easy to feel for everyone in the situation, whether you can relate to them or not. While it's easy to understand the children and their resentment toward their mother, it's impossible not to feel for Rebecca and the unrealistic expectations her family held her to in hopes of having the perfect mother.

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