How Much Did Daryl and Tara Screw up Rick's Plan on 'The Walking Dead'?
How Much Did Daryl and Tara Screw up Rick's Plan on 'The Walking Dead'?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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In "Time for After," Rick seems pretty upset when he returns to the Sanctuary with the Scavengers. He's determined to end the war once and for all, and is instead surprised to see snipers dead, no one answering him on the walkie and the courtyard empty of walkers, all as a result of Daryl and Tara storming into the Sanctuary on their own. So how much did they screw up his plan? Or did they help get the plan moving along?

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The Reasoning Behind the Rogue Mission

Tara and Daryl have different views from Rick of how the Saviors should be treated. Ever since Jesus decided to keep the Saviors captive from one of the outposts, Tara has been trying to find someone on her side, who feels all Saviors should be killed. In addition, Daryl and Rick physically fought about what needs to happen next in the war, with Daryl going off on his own, leaving Rick to head to the Scavengers on his own.

When they leave Alexandria, Michonne and Rosita go with them, just to see for themselves what exactly is going on at the Sanctuary. They decide to take matters into their own hands, with Morgan and some snipers offering to help them out. They decide to drive their massive truck into the herd of walkers and eventually the building of the Sanctuary. Essentially, they want to take Negan and the Saviors down faster than going along with Rick's plan. Michonne and Rosita back out of this new rogue plan of theirs, agreeing that they should stick to Rick's plan and wait it out. Daryl and Tara go ahead with the plan, thus allowing all of the walkers to roam freely into the Sanctuary, killing a lot of workers and Saviors in the process.

While I can understand Daryl and Tara's motivation to just end the war, I can't understand why they can't just wait a little longer to finish out a plan that seems to be working. Maybe Daryl is just tired of listening to orders from Rick. Daryl has always been a loner of sorts, so perhaps this is his way of just continuing to do things his way. It's in his nature to be somewhat of a leader and not a follower. Or maybe he just really really really hates Negan and what Negan has done to his friends.

Tara is still very angry about losing Denise to an arrow by Dwight, but in the end it's Dwight who helps them start the war on the Saviors. If she had killed him, this war probably would not have even started in the first place. So, I can't really understand why she continues to be so angry. I mean, I understand why, but as I said, Rick's plan seems to be working, he even got Jadis to side with him -- so why change things up now?

Will It Suffer?

The damage is done now, and there's nothing Rick can do about it but damage control. He'll have to change his plan accordingly. Originally, as he tells Jadis, he had planned to ask the Sanctuary to surrender peacefully, and then he planned to kill Negan - but it had to be him alone. The deal with Jadis is that her group gets a quarter of the Saviors' things.

Now that the walkers have infiltrated the Sanctuary, I'm sure Rick is wondering what's happened to the Saviors. He's probably worried about the possibility that they are either all dead or have evacuated, as he doesn't know the when the truck plowed into the courtyard. At this point, he probably doesn't even know that it is Daryl and Tara who did the damage, though I'm sure he has some clue.

So what does this mean for Rick's plan? While it will be easier for Rick to get into the Sanctuary, he doesn't know what he's walking into. However, this didn't stop any of the groups from taking down the outposts. Walkers should really be the least of their problems at this point on The Walking Dead, as they figured out how to kill them a long time ago.

I think that while Daryl and Tara probably should have waited a little bit longer for Rick to get there, in the long run, what they did could help. However, it could also backfire, with Negan really pissed off now. But since Rick is convinced he's just going to kill Negan, he shouldn't be too worried now. In the end, what they did shouldn't throw off Rick's plan too much.

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The Backlash

We don't know what happens to Daryl and Tara, or Morgan, after they crash the truck. We know the walkers go into the Sanctuary and all hell breaks lose, but we lost track of Daryl, Tara and Morgan. When Rick shows up, since there's just a few walkers roaming around, it's unclear what exactly happened after the crash. We do know a few of the snipers are dead, and I guess it's safe to assume the rest are dead too since no one answers Rick. Or maybe a bunch of them retreated with Morgan.

If the crew makes it out alive, I imagine Rick won't be too thrilled with their rogue mission. I imagine tensions will boil over back at the communities. Even if they win the war, I just can't imagine Daryl and Rick ever really seeing eye to eye, especially in the tougher situations. And that's if they win the war. Negan seems convinced he still has an advantage with Eugene at the helm. But Eugene is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, torn between his "traveling companions" and Negan.

In my perfect world, The Walking Dead will just mirror the comics, with the war ending in a similar fashion. But with Daryl and Tara going rogue, I have a feeling this war will be dragged out for possibly the rest of season 8.

How much do you think Daryl and Tara threw off Rick's plan? Do you think they did the right thing with moving things along on their own? Do you think they should have stayed the course with Rick's plan? What do you think will happen to them? Will their decision affect the outcome of the war? Do you think their plan is better than Rick's? Let us know in the comments below.

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