'The Voice' Recap: The Battle Rounds Come to an End with Alicia Keys' Final Steal
'The Voice' Recap: The Battle Rounds Come to an End with Alicia Keys' Final Steal
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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We join our favorite chair potatoes for the final Battle Round of The Voice season 14. The last group of hopefuls go head-to-head in duets as Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson look to finish out their teams. Also, one coach still has a Steal left. Who will get snatched up from elimination by Alicia?

Stephanie Skipper vs. Jackie Verna ("These Dreams")

Stephanie and Jackie have both endured some hardships in their lives. You may remember Stephanie's heartfelt audition with Kelly's "Piece By Piece" that reminded her of her relationship with her father. Jackie underwent rehab after a horrid car accident. There's no doubt that Adam has a hard choice ahead of him with both these emotional singers battling it out. Julia Michaels lends her expertise to their performance.

The power behind both voices is incredible. Stephanie edges Jackie out by just a simple smidgen, but by no means is Jackie a loser. Can we split the title in two and hand them each a half? Blake calls it "one of the most even Battles" he's ever seen. I would most definitely agree. In the end, Adam sees the growth Jackie has shown and picks her.

Winner: Jackie Perna

Livia Faith vs. Terrence Cunningham ("Stars")

Can a high school student with the interesting tone stand toe-to-toe with the show-stopping musician? At first glance, this looks to be a shoo-in for the latter, but I won't put the cart before the horse just yet. Shawn Mendes sits in rehearsals with Alicia as they prepare them for the big performance. I love the fact that Alicia suggests Terrence take to the piano to play the song.

It would honestly be a shame to lose either of these voices. They sing with such a story woven between each sound they utter. Beautiful. While Livia has so much to offer, I believe Terrence proves to be a bit more of a rounded performer than he is a skilled pianist. It may be Livia's surprise factor that propels her further, though. Yet, as expected, Alicia chooses 

Winner: Terrence Cunningham

As usual, there are more performances than aren't able to be televised in full. Here are the highlights:

Angel Bonilla vs. Gary Edwards ("When You Believe")

Adam has quite a powerhouse duo to pick from with this match-up. 

Winner: Gary Edwards

Austin Giorgio vs. Brett Hunter ("Me and Mrs. Jones")

Another pairing with a  song that may not truly fit the repertoire of either singer, yet the final product is astounding. Blake opts for the artist he believes won't let the pressure get the best of him. 

Winner: Austin Giorgio

Alexa Capelli ("Pray")

Host Carson Daly explains that Alexa was paired with Hannah Goebel, but for personal reasons she is unable to continue on in the competition. So by default, Alexa will advance to the next round. She shines all on her own on the Voice stage and saves Kelly from having to make a tough decision.

Winner: Alexa Capelli

Now back to our regularly scheduled fully-aired performances...

Dallas Caroline vs. Spensha Baker ("I Could Use a Love Song")

Both Dallas and Spensha have come from some humble beginnings. Spensha got her start in the church and even recorded an album on a major label, only to be dropped. Dallas was home-schooled while playing local gigs. Blake welcomes the ladies into rehearsals and introduces his adviser, Trace Adkins, who is there to help them fill a void in country music.

Dallas is good -- do not get me wrong -- but there is something about Spensha. Where you can hear some cracks and missteps in Dallas' performance, Spensha is there with the confidence and comfort -- and that voice! While race and background are not at all at the forefront of a talent show such as this, I would love to see more color in the country music industry as well. The versatility heard in her voice is unmistakable. Blake agrees and sees the potential in Spensha, but Alicia sees the same in Dallas and uses the last Steal of the season.

Winner: Spensha Baker
Steal: Alicia welcomes Dallas Caroline to her team

All right, show of hands: who agrees that there is an amazing amount of raw talent this season? Even the losers in this round of Battles were not bad. How excited are you about the rest of the season? How do you think the future saves used by the coaches will work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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