'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 10?
'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 10?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Team Kelly was the first group struck by The Voice viewers in season 14. D.R. King went home, leaving Kelly even less of a chance to win with just two artists. Yet The Voice marches on, and the current Top 11 will be made into a Top 10. Things haven't gotten quite serious on The Voice, but the semifinals are coming closer, which will cut things down to size. It's time to make some predictions about who will survive this latest round of The Voice.

Who is Safe?>>>

Let's just get the obvious out of the way. Pryor Baird, Jackie Foster and Britton Buchanan are all safe. Barring any serious mistakes or just straight-up tragedies, those three are likely going to be in the finale and might even be the final three of the season. 

Team Kelly's Brynn Cartelli isn't on as solid of a footing as the rest of the (very) unofficial top three, but she's likely not going anywhere either. Neither is Kyla Jade, who may not win this competition, but maybe she should after hitting that last note of her Top 11 performance. 

Adam saved Jackie Verna for the Top 12 because he thought she needed to perform "I'm with You." America ended up showing up Adam by picking "Strawberry Wine" for Jackie. This suited her voice so much better, and it was, by far, her best performance. Jackie is still a long way from being a frontrunner, but her Top 11 performance is a strong step in the right direction.  

Who is in Danger? 

Spensha Baker did get the ending "pimp slot" and finished very strong. However, going last could end up being a curse for Spensha. She started off on some uneven vocal footing. She recovered and rallied, but if that first uneven impression sticks in viewers' minds, Spensha could be in trouble, which would be a real shame, as she's just seemed to find her niche on The Voice.

Sharane Calister's fans must not like her all that much. She was given a nearly herculean task in performing Mariah Carey's "Hero," as suggested by Voice viewers. The song just didn't fit her voice much. She was really struggling, and that's not her fault. "Hero" is a very difficult song. She did the best she could, and she isn't in too much danger. Yet based on just a pure performance level, Sharane was one of the shakier contestants of the night. 

Kelly has such faith in Kaleb Lee, but that faith isn't coming across much on the stage. Kaleb has improved considerably since joining Team Kelly. Kelly seems to be a much more attentive coach than Blake, but Kaleb is still pretty middle-of-the-road. He's decent but nothing too special. "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" was Kaleb's most energetic song yet, but it was still a bit too boring to move him up to safety.

Who is Going Home?

After a couple rounds of redemptive performances, Christiana Danielle swung and missed once again. Christiana is inconsistent, but when she connects, she does wonders. She didn't play to her strengths too well in the Top 12.

"Umbrella" should've been perfect for Christiana and, fittingly, this was a performance where she changed up the arrangement the least. It wasn't really a funky and different "Umbrella" so that it was almost unrecognizable; it was just a little slower. Still, Christiana was swallowed up by the song. There were times when her vocals were barely audible, and what was heard wasn't fantastic.

Still, if someone is going home, it probably is Team Adam's Rayshun LaMarr. Rayshun did improve from his Top 12 performance. He didn't prance all about the stage and instead just focused on his vocals. (His flamboyant facial expressions, however, are a movement unto themselves, and they cannot be stopped.) Rayshun did nothing radically different. Since he ended up in the bottom two at the Top 12...

Rayshun LaMarr will be eliminated from The Voice.

What do you think? Who do you believe is going home? Who should go home? Did Rayshun do enough to save himself or is he still in trouble? Who got the best songs from Voice viewers? Who got the worst? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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