'The Voice' Results: The Top 11 are Announced
'The Voice' Results: The Top 11 are Announced
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The Voice continues to push forward, deeper into season 14, as the Top 12 will soon be narrowed down to 11 hopefuls. Fans had the chance to see the artists perform songs near and dear to their hearts, revealing a more vulnerable side and opening up to the world about their private lives. As always, there were those who shined and others who will fall by the wayside and into the danger zone. 

America's votes have been counted, and it is time for Carson Daly to reveal those bottom two performers who will battle it out for the Instant Save.

We kick off a night in which Kelly Clarkson celebrates her birthday with immediate results. Carson brings the Top 12 to the stage for a few names who will move on to the next phase of the competition.

Britton Buchannan of Team Alicia Keys is the first safe name called. Joining him are Team Kelly's Brynn Cartelli and Team Adam Levine's Sharane Calister. 

Team Kelly Performs "Don't Take the Money"

Can anyone argue that it must be hard to stand toe-to-toe with a powerhouse such as Kelly Clarkson? D.R., Brynn and Kaleb blend nicely together. It's a great performance, despite one odd note hit by Brynn towards the end.

Time for more results! The remaining nine artists now stand on stage awaiting their fate. The next two names called into safety are Pryor Baird of Team Blake Shelton and Team Alicia Keys' Christiana Danielle.

Maroon 5 Performs "Wait"

And now for another moment for Adam Levine to show off his rock-star status, fluorescent blue trousers and all. The popular band takes to the stage once more to perform their latest hit single. 

A Random, Cute Little Girl

Dave Crosby's daughter, Claire, asks the hard-hitting questions. Backstage, she sits with the contestants and the coaches in all of her adorableness. The fact that this is utterly unnecessary is completely thrown out of the window simply because this child is so incredibly cute.

More results! Moving on to the Top 11 are Spensha Baker of Team Blake and Kaleb Lee from Team Kelly.

The Cast of Rise Perform "Scars to Your Beautiful"

It's a surprise performance from the NBC musical drama. I have to admit that I have yet to watch the show. This number will most definitely give me more of a reason to catch up. Do you watch the show? Are you a fan of the cast visiting the Voice stage?

Team Blake Performs "I Thank You"

Back-to-back performances? Okay, we can roll with it. I believe this is the part of the show where everyone looks most forward to the end results. It helps, though, that the music and voices coming from the speakers are welcome sounds. Kyla, Spensha and Pryor are all stars in their own right. It's another great performance where Blake looks happy to take a backseat, allowing his artists to shine.

The remaining five artists return to the stage, where three of them will be announced as safe. Those artists are Team Adam's Jackie Verna, Kyla Jade of Team Blake and Jackie Foster of Team Alicia.

Instant Save Performances

Teams Blake and Alicia both survive the eliminations unscathed, leaving D.R. King of Team Kelly and Rayshun LaMarr of Team Adam to fight for their lives and that Instant Save.

D.R. King Performs "Papa was a Rolling Stone"

This is do or die for D.R., and he knows it. The vocals are "take-me-to-church" worthy with a slight sense of grit and edge. I believe it's the perfect selection for his voice, and the delivery is very much on point. Kelly is on her feet and explaining that she's "puzzled" by the position he finds himself in.

Rayshun LaMarr Performs "I Can't Stand the Rain"

It's a shame that two artists who stand in a relatively similar vocal area of their genre find themselves in the bottom. Rayshun also brings great vocals and a stage presence that keep the audience engaged. A certain note may give him the edge over his competition, but it truly is anyone's game. Adam is obviously proud of his artist and stating that losing Rayshun would be a "crime."

Instant Save

Rayshun LaMarr is saved by America and survives elimination to join the others in the Top 11. Unfortunately, this means that D.R. King has been sent home.

Do you agree with the bottom two artists? Did the artist you voted for survive elimination? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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