Bravo Exec Andy Cohen and 'RHOC' Star Peggy Sulahian React to Vicki-Tamra-Shannon Reconciliation
Bravo Exec Andy Cohen and 'RHOC' Star Peggy Sulahian React to Vicki-Tamra-Shannon Reconciliation
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The Real Housewives of Orange County season 12 reunion show took a very shocking turn as Vicki Gunvalson finally buried the hatchet with longtime frenemy Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. Vicki, who vowed to punish her two co-stars earlier in the season, apologized to both Tamra and Shannon for the hurtful things she said in the past regarding both their husbands (Eddie being gay while David allegedly physically abused Shannon) and even claimed that she will never talk about it again.

"I won't talk about it ever again, as God as my witness. I promise you. I'm sorry. I totally surrender," Vicki told Tamra as they hugged. "I love you, I really do, and I'm sorry I hurt you. I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to hurt anymore."

"Shannon, I want to hug you too because I'm sorry. I really am sorry. I've asked for forgiveness and I'm sorry," she told Shannon, who joined the hug fest and who had announced earlier in the reunion that she and David are no longer together. "I feel for you. I do, I've literally been through it twice. It sucks. We gotta build each other up not tear each other down. We all are good people."

Ultimately, Tamra and Shannon accepted Vicki's apology, and all seems to be well in the world of RHOC. Like most fans, host Andy Cohen couldn't be happier about the emotional reunion.

"I was thrilled to see them breaking down their walls," Andy tweeted Monday night. "It felt very real." 

Co-star Peggy Sulahian was also pleasantly surprised by the turn of events.

"Could you believe the beautiful trio of women mending old relationships? Tears flowing and emotions gushing while apologies were swirling all around, with Tamra and Vicki apologizing to each other promising not to be unkind and hugging," she wrote on her blog on Bravo. "Oh too sweet -- I think we were all smiling and tearing up. But Vicki extending her hand to Shannon was beautiful. Wow, wow, wow! Never would I have thought that I would see Vicki sitting near Shannon and holding her hand! That in and of itself was miraculous. Andy surmised that when Tamra asked Vicki to change couches, it the sweetest thing she'd said!" 

Were you also surprised about the reconciliation? 

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