'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Dorit Takes the Drama to NYC After an Awkward Stay at Teddi's Beach House
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Dorit Takes the Drama to NYC After an Awkward Stay at Teddi's Beach House
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, titled "That Was Weird," the ladies begin to talk about Erika behind her back after she leaves Teddi's beach house in the middle of the night. The ladies take their drama to NYC, where they rendezvous with Lisa Rinna, and Dorit takes the chance to throw Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump under the bus.

Dorit Starts Some Drama at Teddi's Beach House

Erika left Teddi's beach house, much to the dismay of the ladies, who feel that her actions are quite rude. Dorit instigates the conversation with Erika because none of the other ladies seem to want to voice their dismay with Erika. It turns out that Erika left due to severe cramps and, out of her respect for Teddi and her house, she chose to leave. All the ladies, with Camille leading the charge, turn their finger toward Dorit for being a tattletale and running to tell their gossip to Erika. Erika gets emotional over her embarrassment. Teddi, when trying to comfort her, is also overcome with emotion for feeling like a bad host.

Basking in the aftermath of Teddi's beach house, all of the ladies join Lisa Rinna in New York for fashion week. All of the ladies except Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump get together for dinner in The Big Apple. The ladies take the time to fill Lisa Rinna in on the past couple weeks, which includes the dinner between Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and Dorit. Dorit, of course, takes the storytelling reins and throws Kyle under the bus for the incident at Teddi's house. However, Dorit quickly changes topics to Lisa Vanderpump's social jealousy and puts her personal feelings on blast for the girls to comment on. 


  • Kyle having a fashion week party for a store that will never do a show during fashion week is just desperate.

  • Kyle trying to help Teddi dress in high fashion can only be equated to a super model trying to help someone who shops at a thrift store. 

  • Lisa Rinna's daughter not knowing how to unclog her toilet is the most relatable thing to ever happen on this show. 

Did you find Teddi's reaction to Erika a little off-putting? Were you happy to see Camille take Dorit to task? Does it feel like Lisa Rinna is spending a lot of time away from the group this season? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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