'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 8 Premiere: Dorit Faces Down Erika and Lisa Rinna in Las Vegas
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 8 Premiere: Dorit Faces Down Erika and Lisa Rinna in Las Vegas
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In the season 8 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, titled "Stronger Than Ever," the women return more or less to the same places they were last season, exuding wealth and luxury. With the addition of Teddi, a new full-time housewife, Kyle aims to get all the girls together to celebrate Lisa, Erika and Dorit's birthdays in Vegas, despite all three of them having a troubled past.

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First Stop: Beverly Hills. Next Stop: Vegas

After introductory shots of each housewife, Kyle goes to visit Erika at her Erika Jayne HQ, where she breaks the news of the plan to go to Vegas. Even though she seems excited about it, Erika is quick to address the elephant in the room, which is her and Dorit's disdain for one another. After confronting Erika, Kyle turns to Dorit to try and convince her to go to Vegas with the girls. Though Dorit has issues with both Erika and Lisa Rinna from last season, she carries a much bigger chip on her shoulder in regards to Rinna.

Dorit introduces Teddi to Lisa Vanderpump, which only serves as a means to fully integrate her into the show. During this introductory luncheon, Dorit and Lisa try to recruit Teddi onto their team. Since last season, it seems as if the lines of communication have remained closed between Dorit, Erika and Lisa Rinna. Even though Dorit deems herself ready to move on, she wastes no time taking her jabs at Erika the ice queen. In a freak coincidence, it seems as if Teddi's birthday is also during the same time, so now a birthday girls trip to Vegas is for four of the main housewives.

The ladies meet at the airport, including former housewife Camille Grammer, who is appearing as a "friend of" this season. Even though Dorit was fearing that the ice man cometh when Erika walks through the airport, the two exchange pleasantries despite months of silence.

Though Lisa Rinna is in New York with her model daughters, she plans on meeting all of the girls in Vegas in honor of all the birthdays. After checking in and getting ready for a night out at Tao, Lisa Rinna finally shows up to join the girls, and it is yet to be seen just how Dorit will react to being in the same room as her since last season's reunion.

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  • Lisa Rinna has decided to be a full-time mom-ager to her two teenage model daughters, which apparently includes vitamin drips before traveling. 

  • Kyle is still hard at work on American Woman, her TV show loosely based on her childhood starring Alicia Silverstone, which is slated to air sometime in 2018. 

  • Dorit has decided to redo her already over-the-top house so that she can make it even more extravagant, which really forces her to live up to this season's tagline of doing everything to excess. 

  • New housewife Teddi seems like she might be able to fit in well with the ladies. But it's just the season premiere, so only time can tell how she will handle herself against heavyweights like Erika Jayne, which is already being teased for the next episode. She is John Mellencamp's daughter, so she definitely has the wealth to fit in with the cast. 

How do you feel about Dorit's questionable fashion choices so far? Are you happy that they brought her back for a second season? Is Erika Jayne's headquarters a little too much? Do you miss Eileen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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