'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Cynthia Plans a Girls Trip While Her Relationship Falls Apart
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Cynthia Plans a Girls Trip While Her Relationship Falls Apart
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, titled "Peaches Be Trippin'," the ladies are still caught in the middle of the fallout from Kandi's Essence cover party regarding Cynthia and her relationship with Will. As Cynthia decides to take a break from Will, she turns her energy into planning a girls trip to Barcelona, a trip that Kim and Kenya decline to attend.

Cynthia Decides to Take a Step Back from Will

Porsha confirms the rumor that Cynthia's man isn't being 100% faithful to her, both in terms of honesty and monogamy. Porsha's conversation with Cynthia illuminates the fact that the word on the street really is that he is only with Cynthia for this media opportunity and not for the right reasons.

After the events at Kandi's magazine cover party, Cynthia decides to take a step back from Will and his shady past, and throw herself into planning a girls trip with the ladies to Barcelona. After taking a step back from Will, Cynthia decides to go to lunch with Peter to kind of clear the air over Cynthia's new lover and the fact that Peter went to Kandi's event with Marlo. While they still stay on the same page with their separation, it seems that the lines begin to get blurred when trying to figure how they fit into each other's lives now. 

Though Porsha invites all of the ladies to her vegan dinner, only Marlo, Sheree, Shamea, Kim and Cynthia show up to indulge Porsha and her new plant-based diet. Before Cynthia gets there, the ladies all talk about the situation surrounding Will and Cynthia, including the fact that it was the first time Cynthia saw her ex-husband with a new man on her arm. Though all the women hint to the fact that Cynthia might still have feelings for Peter, the topic is dropped when Cynthia brings up the trip to Barcelona to the rest of the women. 

Kim begins to butt heads with Marlo over the fact that Kim wants to bring her husband to the girls trip. When the ladies head to the airport, it comes to light that Kim decides not to go on the trip due to the fact that the girls didn't want Kroy on the trip. Porsha and Sheree call Kim while in their car, and she blames NeNe for being so vocally anti-Kroy. Porsha also decides to stay home to spend time with her husband while the rest head to Spain.


  • Phaedra still deserves a peach for how often these ladies still talk about her, despite her absence from the show.
  • Kenya pulling the pregnancy card as a way to try and show that her marriage is "real" is a dark turn in an even darker situation. 
  • Without Kim and Kenya at the Barcelona trip, it's sure to be a snooze.

Are you shocked that Kenya decided to not go on the trip? Were you startled by that one-on-one sit-down between Phaedra and Mama Joyce? Is Kandi fading to the background a little bit this season? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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