'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Are NeNe and Porsha Still Refusing to Make Peace?
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Are NeNe and Porsha Still Refusing to Make Peace?
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, titled "A Mad Tea Party," Marlo and Cynthia take it upon themselves to be the harbingers of peace when it comes to the schism between NeNe and Porsha. On a more serious note, the women come together to film a domestic abuse PSA where all the women lend their voices to the important cause.

NeNe and Porsha Still Can't Mend Fences

Marlo and Cynthia attempt to get NeNe to sit down with Porsha over a hot cup of tea so that they can try and move past their animosity. NeNe somewhat agrees when speaking with Marlo, but it takes a follow-up call from Marlo to get Porsha on board with the meeting.

Cynthia arrives a little early to help Marlo set up this peace treaty on a table set with gold admonishments. Despite Porsha and NeNe verbally battling in San Francisco, NeNe does say hello to Porsha when entering Marlo's home. Marlo and Cynthia use their previous experience with NeNe to let Porsha know that she should just let bygones be bygones. When the focus turns to Porsha, she keeps her head cool and lays down the facts as to why she feels some negative energy from NeNe. In a similar fashion, NeNe fires back with rebuttals for all the times Porsha was a bad friend. 

NeNe's negative attitude cloaks the whole conversation, and while NeNe offers an apology for everything, it's empty. NeNe just hands Porsha the win because it's apparent that Porsha wants so badly to be the winner here. 

The Ladies Come Together for a Domestic Abuse PSA

Kenya has decided to produce a domestic abuse PSA with the help of Sheree and the rest of the housewives. In addition to Sheree, Kenya enlists the help of Shamea, who tells a harrowing tale of her past experience with domestic abuse. Cynthia joins the squad, not for her own story but for her mother's story. She tells it through the eyes of a daughter who lived in a home with abuse, not as a woman who has experienced it herself. 

NeNe joins to tell her own story of her first loving relationship turning violent. The last lady to show up is Porsha, who comes to lend her voice to the PSA. When Sheree is hours late to the PSA shoot, Kenya calls her to find out that she has been in a car accident. Despite the fact that not all of the ladies really enjoy being in each other's presence, seeing all of them in the same room for a cause that is meant to help woman is a great thing to see on a show meant to be based on real life.


  • Sheree's new platinum blonde wig literally looks like one of Kim Zolciak's rejects.

  •  As involved as Noelle is in Cynthia's love life, especially with the divorce from Peter, isn't it a little weird that Cynthia is so apprehensive to introduce her new man?

  • I know all of the ladies' abuse testimonials are moving, but it's a different kind of emotional significance to watch Cynthia's mom tell her story.

Are any of you wondering where exactly Kim Zolciak is? Which one of the ladies' stories affected you most? Do you wish that the girls would just accept NeNe and Porsha's enemy status? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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