'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sheree Finds Love in a Hopeless Place
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sheree Finds Love in a Hopeless Place
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, titled "Rock the Boat," Sheree finds herself settling into the next phase of her life with a new man, despite the fact that he still has years left inside prison. Elsewhere, Kandi and Todd meet Cynthia's new man and promptly put him through the ringer, while Porsha goes on her first date with a white man.

Sheree's Got a New Man

Sheree, in an attempt to get ahead of the word of mouth, decides to put the finishing touches on Chateau Sheree by completing the basement, an area of the house that the girls were gossiping about last season. While Sheree brings Porsha along to pick out the door to her wine cellar, Kandi trudges out to Lake Bailey to join Cynthia as Kenya recaps her grandmother's funeral. 

Porsha and Sheree begin running their mouths over the fact that Cynthia has still not met Kenya's marriage. On the other side of town, Cynthia is relaying the same laments right to Kenya's face. Yet it seems that Sheree's relationship begins to take center stage as Sheree and her incarcerated boyfriend are the talk of the tabloids with some marriage rumors.

Porsha, feeling the heat of being the only single one on the show, has decided to sign up for a matchmaking service. As she takes the ladies through her house, Porsha's hidden children's rooms come out of hiding and all signs point to the fact that she's been scaring men away. Though Cynthia seems to be happy with her new man, she finds herself getting together with her ex-husband, Peter, to go over some business. It doesn't take long until the two get to talking about their new lots in life, which gives Cynthia the perfect time to tell Peter about William, even though Peter is focusing on his career with no love life to speak of. 

Cynthia and Kandi Take Their Men Out on a Boat

Even though Kandi has been spending a lot of time away from home, she's lucky enough to be home to witness her baby, Ace, learning to swim. With her littlest one going off to college, Sheree takes the time to finally sit down with her three kids to discuss the abuse that went on behind closed doors during her marriage.

Cynthia and her new man go on a nice double date on a boat with Kandi and Todd, without the rest of the women. It seems as though Cynthia's new man isn't squeaky clean, as Kandi is privy to his past of trying to find love on TV. Even though Kandi and Todd are still friends with Peter, it seems as if Cynthia's ex-husband is still a topic of conversation. Their relationship, coupled with Kandi's knowledge of his past, makes for an awkward boat ride.

Todd and Kandi put Cynthia's man through the interrogation ringer, they seem to be in good spirits about the relationship. While Kandi and Cynthia are on a boat, Porsha gets ready for her first date in a long time and almost immediately walks out before meeting the man. Even though it's not the worst date, Porsha's first date with a white man won't go down as a highlight. 

Sheree meets with her life coach to tell him about the revelation of filling her kids in about the abuse in her marriage. But during their meeting, Sheree gets a phone call from her prison boyfriend, Tyrone. While she seems visibly happy, her life coach immediately notices the red flags. Even though he even notes how the ladies will respond to the relationship, Sheree chooses not to focus on any of the negative and only wants to focus on a future with her man once he is released from prison.   

What do you think of Sheree's prison love affair? Do you think Kandi was right to be wary of Cynthia's new man? Did you cringe during Porsha's blind date? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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