Why New 'The Flash' Villain Amunet Can Fill the Void Left by Captain Cold
Why New 'The Flash' Villain Amunet Can Fill the Void Left by Captain Cold
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Flash has a relatively deep bench of villains. Thanks to the show's typical meta-of-the-week formula, Barry has many colorful and interesting villains to fight. However, The Flash rarely uses an evil meta more than once. The most notable example of a continuing villain was Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold. Miller turned his recurring appearances in season 1 into series regular role across all of the Arrow-verse, popping up semi-frequently on Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash

Now though, Wentworth Miller is retiring from the Arrow-verse and leaving all versions of Leonard Snart behind. Luckily, The Flash has already introduced a new charismatic villain who can take Cold's place, Katee Sackhoff's Amunet.

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Cold to Metal 

The Flash has yet to fully say goodbye to Cold, as after the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover Wentworth Miller is back to appearing on Legends of Tomorrow. However, Miller is playing a completely new version of Snart, Citizen Cold, who is a complete hero not a villain or villain turned anti-hero. There's really no chance of the old Captain Cold popping up on The Flash (or Legends) for more than a quick appearance. 

Therefore, it's significant that Amunet has made her appearance, as Miller as confirmed his departure. Though their powers and goals might not be much alike, Amunet seems like she's being groomed to fill the spot that Captain Cold fit into on The Flash. Amunet is definitely a threat but she has much more of a personal relationship with the heroes, especially Caitlin. There's an intensity in that intimacy that makes her more threatening and interesting, which is something The Flash did in its best moments with Cold. Amunet doesn't have grand schemes and she's little more than a small-time gangster but because she has such control over Caitlin she becomes fascinating. A villain who knows the heroes and can exploit their personal weakness is far more compelling than a powerful meta who runs amok for an episode and then disappears.

Also like Cold, Amunet speaks in a very flamboyant way and that's impossible to find naturally. The Flash might call her accent "British" but Sackhoff is doing something all her own, just like Miller did with Cold. Amunet's over-the-top and larger-than-life nature shouldn't work but it somehow fits, which is exactly the same as Cold. Cold and Amunet should be cartoon characters but they manage to somehow overcome their cheesy trappings and become imminently watchable. 

Mayhem in Short Bursts

Amunet's a character who can only really fit on The Flash because Arrow and Supergirl are far too straight-laced. At the same time she's a character that The Flash needs to have in their story rotation. Having a villain that is a recurring presence but is not the "main attraction" of the season helps The Flash feel like a more realized world. 

The metahumans that pop up from week to week are fine but they're not that engaging. They exist more as obstacles than characters. Whatever else can be said about her, Amunet is most definitely a character. On the other extreme, a villain like The Thinker is great but he's far too big and powerful to exist beyond season 4. This doesn't necessarily mean that The Flash will kill off The Thinker by the end of the season but he's not going to be a recurring presence after his season 4 arc comes to end. 

Amunet can exist simultaneously as a small thorn in the side of Team Flash and a gigantic explosion of personality. The Flash can only really use her sparingly. As amusing as Sackhoff is in the role, Amunet is a little too much to become a series regular. She would have to be toned down considerably if that were to happen. However, there's no reason to really tweak Amunet at all in her current form as long as she moves into the old Leonard Snart role of skipping into a Flash episode every so often, causing strangely enunciated mayhem and waltzing out. 

What do you make of Amunet? Do you want to see more of her in season 4? Can she fill the role of Cold or should that spot remain vacant? How do you feel about Sackhoff's performance?

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