'The Flash' EP Claims Fans Still Haven't Figured Out the Identity of the Mystery Girl
'The Flash' EP Claims Fans Still Haven't Figured Out the Identity of the Mystery Girl
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Flash fans who have been convinced they've figured out the identity of season 4's Mystery Girl might want to go back to the drawing board. Since her appearance in the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover, the Mystery Girl, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, has been one of season 4's strangest conundrum with many fans assuming she has to be Iris and Barry's daughter (or granddaughter) from the future. Yet according to one executive producer no one has yet figured out the mystery between the Mystery Girl.

Todd Helbing, who's been a producer on The Flash since the beginning, sat down with TV Guide to discuss the Mystery Girl. When pressed if any of the (many) fan theories about Parker Kennedy's character were correct, Helbing was pretty blunt. 

"No, not really," he explained. "Every year there's theories all over the place about what we're doing and some of them get pretty close, some of them they hit like one part of it but they don't get other parts, so it's fun to read. I don't think anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is."

This does seem to put the kibosh on fans' hope that the Mystery Girl will be Iris and Barry's daughter and there will be a family reunion between them before she's even born. Otherwise, it's going to be very hard for Helbing to backtrack from his statement as the Mystery Girl being WestAllen's daughter Dawn Allen, or their granddaughter, Jenni Oglnats, are two of the most popular theories from the first few seconds of her introduction. 

Even if the Mystery Girl ends up not being either future relative, she obviously must have a connection to the Flash family. The Mystery Girl was way too interested in Barry and Iris' wedding during the crossover to just be a casual fan. In addition, she appears to know far too much about Team Flash in general. She's obviously working with some kind of future and intimate knowledge. 

It's true there are other Flash relatives from the future that the Mystery Girl could end up being that are not Dawn or Jenni. There's Sela Allen, whose a very obscure character from the very far flung future of The Flash's world. There's even a slight possibility that the Mystery Girl could be an entirely new character or a gender-bent version of the second Kid Flash, Bart Allen. 

Perhaps the most likely (new) theory is that the Mystery Girl isn't Barry and Iris' child but Joe and Cecile's future daughter. After all, that couple is the one who is currently pregnant, not the speedy newlyweds. 

Of course, Helbing's comments are vague enough that fans might just be partly right about Dawn and/or Jenni. The expectation is that if the Mystery Girl is Dawn Allen she'll work with Barry and the team. However, there's a possibility that while fans are right about the Mystery Girl being Dawn, they're not right about her intentions. 

The Mystery Girl's most recent scene, where she purposely interrupted a momentous conversation between Caitlin and Harry about Killer Frost, had villainous overtones. Perhaps The Flash being so upfront about the identity of The Thinker as the main villain has been hiding the Mystery Girl as the real (or future) baddie of the series. 

The only thing that's really certain after Helbing's comment is that the Mystery Girl just got a lot more interesting and confusing. 

How does this interview change your theories? Do you think it's just meant to mislead fans? Who do you hope the Mystery Girl is revealed to be?

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