Is 'The Flash' Really Ready for That Big Reveal?
Is 'The Flash' Really Ready for That Big Reveal?
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Flash is slowly fitting together pieces of The Thinker's "Enlightenment" endgame, but the question remains -- is revealing Barry Allen's secret identity one of them?

If "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" left us anything to go on, the answer is yes. In fact, one person is already in the know. The Iron Heights warden now has the speedster in the ultimate lockdown.

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After a tease back in "Mixed Signals," The Flash is finally ready to play off Warden Wolfe's villainous side. We knew he was in league with The Thinker, but his nefarious connections don't stop there. No, Wolfe also has Amunet on speed dial, and he's ready to cash in on his basement full of metas.

Next week, Barry will once again have to decide if unveiling his powers will put an end to all his current woes. It's a risk, but is it a risk worth taking? Moreover, is The Flash ready to bid adieu to a secret four years strong?

The promo for "True Colors" doesn't give us much to go on, other than the fact that a few rogues might finally be able to put a face to their greatest foe. Everyone else, meanwhile, will be forced to wonder if ripping off his mask is the only way for Barry to clear his name.

For now, ditching the Flash's anonymity has only one benefit -- getting Barry out of Iron Heights and back into STAR Labs. Outside of that, the reveal would mean sheer chaos. And isn't that the very reason our hero opted to suffer a stint behind bars rather than take the easy way out? In the end, it all comes down to what The Thinker wants.

Harry laid it bare when he attempted to connect Sylbert Rundine's meta status, the case to clear Big Sir, and Clifford DeVoe. There were too many coincidences between the sudden appearance of Rundine and Barry's inquiry, far too many for Harry to ignore. And yet, no one on Team Flash could figure out exactly how everything fits together. Did The Thinker want Barry in prison to stumble across Big Sir's case? Did he want Big Sir freed? The Thinker has calculated every move, every possible outcome, and Barry's friends can't help but see the puppet strings pulling on their hands.

If The Flash does reveal the Scarlet Speedster's identity, it will only be because The Thinker wills it. Nothing good can come from DeVoe's machinations, which leads us to believe Barry should keep his mouth shut at all costs. It would be a nice twist if the series' titular hero could no longer hide behind a mask, but even after four years, Central City isn't ready for the truth. There's no upside. The Flash would certainly be making a mistake if they play their trump card this early in the game. Considering how often the plot has alluded to it, however, it feels like a done deal. 

What do you think? Should Barry take a risk and shrug off a layer of armor? Sound off in the comments below!

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