Is Killer Frost Leaving the 'Flash' Team to Join 'Legends of Tomorrow'?
Is Killer Frost Leaving the 'Flash' Team to Join 'Legends of Tomorrow'?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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With news that one, or two, well-known DCTV characters would be arriving on Legends of Tomorrow to fill the void left by Martin Stein's death and Jax's departure, fans have been speculating about characters that could easily leave their respective shows to have a bunk on the Waverider. Did Caity Lotz's recent Instagram post just confirm that Caitlin Snow AKA Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) would be one of those characters?

As you'll see in the photo below, Killer Frost is aboard the Waverider with Sara Lance. This has to be a new photo because the only time Caitlin's been aboard the Waverider as Killer Frost was during the crossover, and Sara was wearing her White Canary suit during that time.

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Is Caitlin Leaving The Flash? 

During season 4 of The Flash so far, Caitlin has felt a bit like an outsider, especially as her Killer Frost powers have grown and become a genuine part of her. In the mid-season finale of The Flash, Ralph and Cisco even started commenting on the inside jokes they have with Killer Frost, which obviously left Caitlin quite upset as she still doesn't know how to control her powers or get rid of her split, villainous personality that takes over when her powers get control of her.

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Leaving the show to join the team on the Waverider wouldn't be far off for Caitlin. Obviously the writers don't want to get rid of her, and she plays an integral part of Team Flash, but she needs time to find herself and learn how to control her powers and what they mean for her future going forward. Plus, Caitlin's only real story on The Flash has been as the love interest for several different men, and being aboard a time-traveling ship would definitely hinder the possibility of her being made into a love interest yet again.

What Caitlin Could Add to the Team

Having Caitlin and Killer Frost aboard the Waverider would be an interesting thing, considering they're basically two different people in one body. On the one hand, Caitlin Snow is an intelligent, capable woman with leadership abilities and a vast knowledge of different sciences, so she could partially help fill the void left by Stein's death.

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As for Killer Frost, well, she could replace something that's been missing from Legends since season 1. When they killed off Captain Cold, they killed off half of the villainous duo they had that looked at situations differently than the heroes did, and Mick hasn't been a strong enough personality to question the methods of the team on his own. Since Killer Frost has an evil streak behind her, it's possible she could also look at situations from a new perspective (more of an anti-hero perspective), and Caitlin has the perspective of a hero, so it'd really be interesting to see how the writers balanced this.

What do you think? Would Killer Frost be a good addition to Legends of Tomorrow, or do you prefer her on The Flash? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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