Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Admit Relationship Struggle After 'The Bachelorette'
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Admit Relationship Struggle After 'The Bachelorette'
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It's been two months since Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo got engaged on The Bachelorette season 13 finale and the pair appears to be stronger than ever. But like most couples from the franchise, life after the cameras stopped rolling proved to be difficult for the 32-year-old attorney and her fiance.

"It was difficult in the beginning," Lindsay told Dean Unglert, who competed for Lindsay on The Bachelorette, in an episode of his podcast Help! I Suck at Dating as previewed by People.

"Believe it or not, [I'm] actually very private normally with my relationships, and so ... to be attacked on social media and just sometimes in the media, it was really hard individually and just together as a couple," she continued.

Rumors, gossip and criticisms usually plague couples from the reality dating series, which, more often than not, put a strain in the relationship and result to their breakup. For Lindsay and Abasolo, they focused on being honest with each other which made their relationship stronger. 

"For us, it was like, if we can get through this -- which was a lot in the beginning -- we can get through anything," Lindsay said.

Abasolo believes that that their strength as a couple is also a "tribute" to their "maturity level."

"Just us knowing each other so well and knowing exactly what we want ... not everybody is gonna like you 100 percent of the time," he told Unglert. "You might think you do everything perfect, and somebody's still going to have a problem with it."

The Bachelorette couple also worked on their communication with each other. 

"If we see something out there that's negative or bashing us in any way, we'll talk about it," said Abasolo. "I just think it takes two people that have that level of respect for each other to not let those types of things affect you."

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