'The Amazing Race' Recap: Brooke Stumbles and Floyd Crumbles in a Tense Vietnam Leg
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Brooke Stumbles and Floyd Crumbles in a Tense Vietnam Leg
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Amazing Race marches closer to its season finale as CBS does their best to burn off all the episodes of this season as quickly as possible. It is another two-parter for The Amazing Race and that is a bit worrisome since the first one didn't go so well. This first two-parter lacked any cohesion. Even though it had non-elimination leg paired with an elimination leg it was in the exact opposite order in should have been ordered. This two-parter thankfully learns the mistake of the first making for a much more enjoyable experience ... even if Brooke reaches a new low (or high) of impatience and whining. 

Brooke Reaches Peak Wailing

The teams are headed to Vietnam but first they have a Roadblock in their path. This is a very weird place to put a Roadblock but the connection seems to be that it is the exact same challenge that The Amazing Race put on way back in season 9. Despite the history it is a standard bungee jump but that ends up being enough because Scott has to do it. Brooke's "can't do it" shoe gets switched her partner. Scott moans and whines in a way that must make Brooke jealous, granted it is terrifying, but eventually he does jump. 

The increased focus on Scott at the Roadblock is fitting because once things get fully to Vietnam The Amazing Race once again becomes The Brooke and Scott Show. The Detour is a choice between Bamboo Climb or Window Design. Bamboo Climb involves the teams carrying a ladder inside a narrow building and retrieving a bird cage from a roof. It's really boring but. Window Design isn't much better. It requires the teams to carry three mannequins across the crowded Vietnam streets to set up a window display. The trick is that there are only three available spots at each Detour which causes Brooke's almost inevitable meltdown. 

Team Fun gets to Window Dressing before anyone. Brooke and Scott make it to Bamboo Climb quickly but Matt and Redmond grab a ladder before them. Then LoLo arrives they also snake a ladder from Brooke and Scott. This turns out to be a sticking point for Brooke who feels like Scott didn't support her enough in stealing a ladder from LoLo. It's either hilarious or terrifying that Brooke thinks Scott, who has the patience of a saint, doesn't support her. In fact, It may be both. 

In any case, Brooke and Scott must switch to the mannequin challenge, which she is not very happy about it. Though the mannequins probably weigh max five pounds Brooke screams as if the pain she doing to our eardrums is being done to her body. If Brooke could channel her strength for complaining into physical effort these two would never have another problem again. 

Brooke and Scott are in a dead heat for last place with Team Mom and Dad but they are given the slightest edge when Joey and Tara don't read their clue directly. Joey and Tara must double back at Window Dressing giving Scott and Brooke the lead. Team Mom and Dad come in last place just behind Scott and Brooke. They aren't gone though as this is a non-elimination leg. 

The Fun Meter Breaks

For the next leg the team stay in Vietnam and Brooke stays at a volume that only dogs can hear. The teams get one of their staggered buses starts and head deep into the Vietnamese mountains. The lovely environment is the background for yet more sweaty complaining. The teams must bike to the Roadblock after they get off their buses and it shouldn't come to surprise that Brooke has trouble doing this simple task. Brooke's inability to do anything isn't funny anymore, it's legitimately concerning. Was she been borne without any muscle mass whatsoever? 

Luckily for all our remaining hearing capabilities Brooke doesn't have to do the Roadblock, which is also centered around bikes. It is another Amazing Race blast from the past as the teams must ride a bike whilst balancing big bamboo cages. Even though Brooke doesn't have to do this Roadblock it doesn't mean that all teams get off easy. The fun meter with Becca and Floyd plummets as the latter completely implodes at the Roadblock. Floyd can't balance at all on the bike with the extra weight and even worse he keeps losing cages and must start all over again. It's exhausting to watch and Floyd burns everything he has doing it in the hot Vietnam sun.

Floyd exhausting himself takes away from the other challenge after the Roadblock which is pretty cool. The teams must get in a boat and paddle it with nothing but their feet. Culturally it is strange to see people paddle with their legs instead of their arms. It does make sense considering how much stronger people's legs are, even Brooke's legs. 

While all the teams make it to this challenge (and the Pit Stop) Floyd struggles to stay upright, quite literally. Eventually Floyd falls to the ground and the medics have to be called in which is an Amazing Race rarity, if not a first. Floyd isn't medically evacuated from the race ala Survivor but while he is recovering everyone checks in to the Pit Stop. Team Fun come in last and are eliminated from The Amazing Race

Are you sad to see Team Fun go? Are you shocked that Brooke and Scott are still in this race? Is Brooke's whining becoming too much to handle? Who of the remaining teams do you want to make the finale? 

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