'The Amazing Race' Recap: A First Place Finish and One Memorable Marriage Proposal
'The Amazing Race' Recap: A First Place Finish and One Memorable Marriage Proposal
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The Amazing Race continues in this episode, titled "Gotta Put Your Sole Into It," as Phil Keoghan leads nine teams across the world in the name of $1 million. The fourth leg of their journey takes competitors to France, where a Speed Bump is issued to Team Slam Dunk for surviving a non-elimination round. Can they turn their survival into the ultimate comeback to knock down one of the top dogs of the game? This truly is anyone's race!

Team Yale will lead the way to Saint-Tropez, France, as they and their fellow competitors wind their way through the traffic-filled streets of Tangier towards the airport. Once there, they take to the streets, driving themselves along the coastline to their first sailing Road Block.

Prime Optimus

Teams must choose one person to assemble an Optimus sailing boat and make their way out to the buoys that hold their next clue, which is split into two parts on two separate buoys. Team Extreme finishes with a breeze, while Team IndyCar misunderstands the instructions after already having trouble with their boat and has to return to the waters. Meanwhile, Team Firefighters can't even find the docks for the car trouble they continue to have. Every time they need to turn around, they have to get out of the car and manually push the vehicle backwards. Team Ocean Rescue is having troubles of their own -- the domestic kind. Lucas is frustrated that they're lost, and Brittany turns on the water works.

Speed Bump

Team Slam Dunk arrives to the dock and must stack 15 of the Optimus boats from the beach to the racks in numerical order before continuing the race.

Evan of Team Yale is having the hardest day. Not only is she struggling to sail or paddle her way towards even the halfway mark between the beach and the first buoy, but a quick turn of the head costs a corner of her tooth! She smacks her head against the metal rod of the sail and chips her tooth. Ouch! She's a trooper, though, and continues to fight for that clue. With Team Ocean Rescue in and out, it's Team Slam Dunk and Team Firefighters head-to-head in a slow and steady race to not be in last place. 


"Bread" -- Here, teams must bake 50 baguettes. 
"Tread" -- Or they can choose to re-create a pair of sandals.

Team Extreme is first to arrive at the Tread Detour and the first to finish and make their way to the Head-to-Head challenge. Meanwhile Team IndyCar and Team Big Brother take second and third place after rolling the dough.


Teams must compete against one another in games of Petanque. This could turn everything around. The results of these games will determine who arrives on the mat at which place in the overall race.

1st Team: IndyCar
2nd Team: Big Brother
3rd Team: Extreme
4th Team: Chomp
5th Team: Well Strung
6th Team: Yale
7th Team: Firefighters

Team Ocean Rescue must now wait on Team Slam Dunk to find their way to the park and play one last game to stay in the race. Which team will come out on top? Which team will go home?

Going home is ... Team Slam Dunk

After bouncing back from a Speed Bump, the athletes cannot seem to adapt to a new sport and lose their spot in the race thanks to Team Ocean Rescue.

The second half of the leg has the teams driving through the night to Les Baux-de-Provence, France. In case anyone was wondering about Evan's tooth, she had it fixed during the pit stop, so that smile sparkles on the way to their next destination, Chateau des Baux-de-Provence. Here, the teams must wait until opening hours to find their next Road Block instructions. 

Let's Get Medieval

Teams must now pick one member to recreate an iconic medieval catapult correctly while their partner waits in the stockade.

Team Ocean Rescue pulls out in first place as Lucas constructs his catapult correctly and rescues Brittany from the stocks. Behind them are Team Big Brother and Team Extreme in second and third places. Soon after, Team Firefighters and Team Yale scurry off to the next destination. Team Chomp and Team IndyCar are the last two teams, struggling to finish their catapults once Team Well Strung finishes. At Cafe de la Fontaine, teams find a wine drinker who has their clue to the detours. 


"Full of Bull" -- Here, teams must retrieve red, white and blue ribbons from fake bulls planted in various places around a stadium.
"Colorful" - Or they can choose to unlock a famous Van Gogh portrait of a bridge to find the clue hidden inside.

Team Chomp is the only team who picks the Colorful Detour while everyone else decides to run up and down the stadium stands, checking bulls for colored ribbons. It may be more time-consuming and exhausting, but so far it looks to be the better option of the two choices. 

Team Ocean Rescue finds their ribbons first, with Team Extreme hot on their tails. From there, they must race to meet Phil at the mat. Whoever gets there last just might be eliminated!

Coming in first place is Team Ocean Rescue, who also wins a trip to Bali. This fails in comparison to what happens next, though. Lucas stops Phil as he and second place Team Extreme are congratulating them on their leading leg to turn to his partner/girlfriend and ask for her hand in marriage (as Team Firefighters come in third place)! That's right, folks. We have an Amazing Race proposal, and she accepts the gorgeous ring while crying ... again. Now each time a new team makes it to the mat, Phil has to clue them in on what's just happened. Back to the race!

Team Chomp finally arrives at the Colorful Detour but has a hard time figuring out how to open the box when they probably solved the puzzle numerous times. Meanwhile, Team Well Strung gets lost on their way to the Full of Bull stadium and still has to run around and retrieve the ribbons. Who will finish first? 

Also Going Home is ... Team Chomp

Team Well Strung manages to finish their Detour just that much faster, enabling themselves to continue their journey alongside seven other teams on the path to $1 million!

What was your favorite part of this special double elimination leg of the race? And what did you think of the proposal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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