'Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers' Recap: A Shocking Elimination at a Chaotic Tribal
'Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers' Recap: A Shocking Elimination at a Chaotic Tribal
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's the loved ones visit episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, but that doesn't matter at all. What matters is the chaotic hot mess of a Tribal Council that leads to a shocking elimination. Alliances are betrayed, vengeance is sought, secrets are exposed and chaos reigns at Tribal. The game is one again flipped upside-down with some really terrible and sloppy gameplay.

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The major lesson from this episode is that keeping a secret may be hard, but it's very smart. The only true secret in the game saves one castaway and sends a fan favorite to the jury. Oh, and someone throws an Idol into the fire and destroys it, which might not even be among the five craziest things to happen at this Tribal Council.

The Truth Is Revealed

Following the Joe vote, Dr. Mike is sad that the Coco to his Nuts is gone and he was duped once again. After the vote, Ben has been exposed as a double agent. Chrissy is very upset that she was betrayed because she really trusted him, calling him a jerk. He explains that she's too vindictive and goes after whoever crosses her. True to form, now she wants vengeance against Ben.

A Reward with the Loved Ones

Jeff Probst reveals that the reward challenge will be done with their loved ones and there are tears and hugs. Ashley and Ryan get their dads, Devon gets his mom, Chrissy, Ben and Mike all get their spouses and Lauren gets her sister. Lauren's sister is the best, immediately going to hug Jeff first.

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The challenge is totally random. The pairs each pick marbles from a bag with one black and one white. If they match the color, they stay in. If they're different, they're eliminated.

Round 1: Lauren, Mike, Ashley, Ryan and Devon are eliminated. Ben and Chrissy are the only two who match.

Round 2: Ben doesn't match, but Chrissy does.

Chrissy wins!

Chrissy and her husband get to spend time together at camp. She also picks Ryan and his dad, Mike and his wife and Ashley and her dad to join them. She truly is vindictive, bragging about making Ben suffer for crossing her. Even Jeff notes that she's an assassin who made her choices instantly.

On the trip, Chrissy knows that she, Ryan and Mike are on the bottom and she thinks Ashley is the easiest to crack. Chrissy makes the pitch that Ben is a huge endgame threat, so Ashley should flip with them. Ashley sees through Chrissy's plan, but she also agrees that Ben is a threat.

A Fake Idol and a Real One

Ben knows that there's a new Idol after Ryan played his. Ben makes a fake Idol as a decoy for the others while he and his alliance search for the real one. Lauren doesn't like that Ben's motivation is personal and he just wants to embarrass Chrissy by tricking her into playing a fake Idol. Wow, this Ben vs. Chrissy feud is getting real petty on both sides.

Lauren finds the real Idol, but it's only half of one. The other half is in a shell at the immunity challenge, and she needs to grab it for the Idol to be effective.

The Immunity Challenge

It's a simple challenge where they must extend their arms and hold up two plates. If either of them drops, they're out.

After 15 minutes the struggle is real. Ben falls first, followed by Chrissy and Ryan. Lauren drops and gets the second half of her Idol. At 30 minutes it's down to Devon, Ashley and Mike. Mike drops, so Devon negotiates a deal and gets a massage for dropping. This is in front of everyone, so they're not even pretending to hide the alliance.

Ashley wins immunity!

Lauren is confident in their core four, so now they get to decide whether Ryan, Chrissy or Mike goes to the jury next. The deck is definitely stacked since they have the numbers and two Idols, one for Lauren and a secret one for Ben.

Scrambling at Camp

Back at camp, chaos reigns. Ashley is concerned that she doesn't have any big moves on her resume. She brings up voting out Ben to Lauren and Devon, but Devon thinks Chrissy should go first, then Ben.

Ben walks up to those three and they stop talking, so he's suspicious that his alliance is turning against him. Ben goes to Mike to voice his concerns about Ashley and Devon being a power couple. He tells Mike about Lauren's Idol and her extra vote, wanting to blindside her because she has too much power.

Mike and Ryan are cool with the plan to take out Lauren, but getting Chrissy to work with Ben is a struggle. Chrissy is very personal and doesn't like or trust Ben at all, so she isn't sure ad still wants him out.

Mike wants to hedge his bets, so he tells Ashley and Devon that Ben is plotting against Lauren, exposing her advantages to everyone. This gets back to Lauren and she wants to try and salvage things, so she gives half of her Idol to Mike as a sign of trust.

Tribal Council Chaos

Fireworks start early when Devon says that Ashley and Lauren are in his alliance and Ben is concerned that he's not a part of it. Lauren and Ashley call out Ben for exposing Lauren's advantages. Lauren says that her extra vote is back at camp and Mike has her second half of her Idol. Everyone's secrets are on the table.

Mike pulls a huge move and literally throws his half of the Idol into the fire, destroying it. Lauren even offers to give her extra vote to anyone who wants it. It's absolute chaos as people start whispering about whether to vote for Ben or Lauren. Wow, this game has turned personally, vindictive, ugly and sloppy as hell.

It's time to vote, and Ben pulls out his real Idol, which he wisely kept a secret, and plays it for himself.

The first six votes are all against Ben and don't count. That means Ben's sole vote is the one that matters.

Lauren is voted out!

Ouch. She had an Idol and an extra vote, but gave it all up by telling too many people. As Jeff points out, the only secret that wasn't exposed (Ben's Idol) is the only one that mattered.

Are you sad to see Lauren go? With only six people left, who will win?

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