'Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers' Recap: Cole Ruins His Romantic Chances with Jessica
'Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers' Recap: Cole Ruins His Romantic Chances with Jessica
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last time on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, we saw alliances begin to solidify, and some were rather surprising. (Shout out to Chrissy and Ben from the Heroes!) Season 35 is turning out to be a fun season so far. 

After coming in last during the immunity and reward challenge, the Yawa Tribe (red buff "Hustlers") went to tribal council, and it was very clear that Simone would be sent home. Although she was weak in challenges, I believe that her dislike of being outdoors may have been the tipping point.

Yawa Tribe (red buff "Hustlers")

This episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, titled "My Kisses Are Very Private," starts off with Ryan scooping up some of the clothes that Simone left behind, like a tunic and knee-high boots. Patrick sports a blazer and pants that belonged to their former tribe member. During this wardrobe session, Ryan and Patrick discuss how Lauren will be the next one to be voted out. Lauren, Ali, and Devon discuss how, at tribal council, Patrick blurted out that he "almost trusts" everyone here. Patrick decides to look for an idol, and the rest of his tribe members know what he is doing. Ali worries about Patrick's lack of social skills, and she tries to set him straight. 

Levu Tribe (blue buff "Heroes")

Chrissy and Ben chat about how they are now in charge of the game because of their secret alliance. Alan is perplexed by his inability to crack open coconuts, especially since he played in the NFL. Ashley is taking a long, sultry look at J.P. and his manly fishing skills. She can't really talk to J.P. because Alan will go nuts and start calling them a "power couple" again.  Ashley tries to persuade Ben that J.P. should stay in the game, which only convinces Ben that J.P. and Ashley are, in fact, a dangerous duo. 

Soko Tribe (yellow buff "Healers")

The Healers are feeling pretty good about themselves. Joe is thrilled because he believes that he has convinced everyone that Mike has an idol, when in fact it is Joe who has one. Joe is sure that Cole won't tell anyone about his secret, but Joe has some serious concerns about Cole and Jessica becoming too close. 

Jessica and Cole spend a lot of time fishing together on the raft, or perhaps we should dub it "the love boat." Jessica reveals to the viewers that she comes from a religious background and is still a virgin. As they lay on the beach together, Cole promises Jessica that she is safe. Cole feels that she is his "dream girl," so he decides to share his knowledge about who really has an idol. She gives him a chaste kiss on the cheek. (I love a good romance!) 

Joe complains about his food being undercooked and tosses it on the ground instead of giving it to someone else. Cole decides that Joe has too much power, and if they go to tribal council, he and Jessica plan to blindside Joe. Cole tells Roark that Joe has the idol, which shocks Jessica because she knows it is too soon to start sharing that secret. I don't think that Cole will be getting any more kisses from Jessica. Cole just made a huge mistake. Roark loves the idea of blindsiding Joe, and Desi signs on, too. 

Immunity and Reward Challenge

This challenge looks insane. Contestants must race over and under obstacles, pull each other over a net, and toss sand bags at blocks on a wooden frame. Once all the blocks are down, the tribes must stack them into a tower. The first two tribes to finish don't only win immunity though. The first tribe to finish wins four live chickens as a reward. The second tribe is awarded a dozen eggs. 

The Healers have an extra player, so they have Mike sit out. The Heroes have a commanding lead after getting all their tribe members over the net. The Healers are the first tribe to knock down their blocks, and the first to finish stacking them. Not so fast -- they forgot a block! As they race to fix their mistake, the Heroes clinch first place. The Healers grab second, leaving the Hustlers to once again spend a fireside evening with Jeff Probst at tribal council. 

Lauren is frustrated with Patrick (again) because he refused to let anyone else throw the sand bags. She plays softball, so she thinks that she would have done a better job. Is this the ammunition that Lauren needs to finally be rid of Patrick?

Patrick tries to apologize, but Lauren is not entertaining his foolishness. When Lauren walks down to the beach to rinse off, the rest of the Hustlers tell Patrick that he is safe, and that they are voting for Lauren. Patrick, for some reason, decides to go and talk to Lauren, and she asks him if they are voting her out. He fumbles for words, and she adds that she knows just by looking at him that she is the target. Ali and Lauren commiserate about how Patrick lost the challenge for the whole team by not accepting help. And, the bromance of Devon and Ryan continues as they gloat about how they have all the power. 

Tribal Council

Lauren states that they lost the challenge because of Patrick. She also calls him an idol-hunter. Ali thinks that Patrick may have made a mistake, but that she can't blame him for losing the immunity challenge. Patrick and Lauren give wildly different accounts of their conversation on the beach. Lauren also mistrusts redheads. (Take that, Patrick!) 

After this bickering, Jeff starts to ask Ryan about the tense relationship between Lauren and Patrick, but Ryan cuts him off and explains that he has never been in a relationship. That said, Ryan feels that someone is having a negative impact on the group. The whole tribe is also worried about the merge and the tribes' collective social game. Patrick earnestly tells Jeff that he wants to grow and learn how to listen to the tribe and to be better in social situations.  Ryan gives an impassioned speech about the spirit of the Hustlers, and how they have unity. 

The Vote

Patrick receives three votes, and is the third person vote out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Patrick is shocked, angry, and hurt by the blindside. And next week: the tribes are switched!

Do you think that Patrick should have been sent home? Are you surprised that Devon and Ryan turned on him? Do you think that Jessica and Cole have a chance as a real couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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