The Lights Going out in Heaven Might Be Best for 'Supernatural'
The Lights Going out in Heaven Might Be Best for 'Supernatural'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Castiel has almost never had a good relationship with Heaven on Supernatural. Cas might be an angel, but he's been public enemy number one of Heaven almost as long as he's been a character on Supernatural. However, that didn't prevent Cas from learning some rather horrific news in the episode "Funeralia." There's only a handful of angels left, including Castiel, and Heaven is dying. While Cas is determined to fix Heaven's problems, it may be best for Supernatural just to let Heaven go.

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Heaven on Earth

Supernatural doesn't lack for chaos and antagonists, especially in season 13. Even with Asmodeus' death, there are still so many evil moving parts on Supernatural, few of which have amounted to anything. Supernatural could easily fill a season with Michael crossing over from the Apocalypse World or even with having Sam and Dean hunt down Gabriel. However, Naomi (who's alive for whatever reason) did introduce a rather compelling plot during "Funeralia." 

If the lights go out in Heaven, all the souls that are contained there will fall to Earth. As Naomi explained, that will mean billions of ghosts unleashed. If there's one thing Sam and Dean do best it's hunting ghosts. 

Obviously Supernatural wouldn't follow Sam and Dean as they round up every person who has ever lived and was in Heaven. Yet a tidal wave of ghosts could be a great avenue for Supernatural to have an action-packed season 14. 

The arrival of so many ghosts would allow Supernatural to go back to basics. It's been a while since Supernatural had a good old-fashioned haunting episode. There's obviously still been the frequent case-of-the-week installment with Sam and Dean going after some monster or baddie. (In fact, most of season 13 has been standalone episodes.) Yet when it comes to ghosts, they haven't been around too much. Season 13's "Advanced Thanatology" was about Sam and Dean hunting a ghost but it really just became an excuse to introduce the new Death, Billie, and we've all been better for it.

Plus, the arrival of every ghost on Earth could lead to some powerful and emotional Supernatural stories. Supernatural could bring back characters who have been long dead in a mostly natural way as Sam and Dean try to do something to ease their spirits. We already know from the season 5 episode "Dark Side of the Moon" that many of Sam and Dean's fallen allies are in Heaven and many more friends have died since that relatively early episode. 

A Fallen Angel in a Failing Paradise

Supernatural doesn't even need to approach the fallen Heavenly souls as a side story either. There's a way for the failure of Heaven to tie into the Lucifer and Jack plot. In Castiel's visit to Heaven in "Funeralia," Lucifer was oddly absent. Obviously the remaining angels have reason to keep Lucifer hidden from Cas, but it is rather bizarre that Lucifer didn't find a way to show up and ruin things. Supernatural needs to show how Lucifer is dealing with the failing Heaven, even if it's in an incredibly poor fashion. 

The failure of Heaven could be the way that Supernatural finally gives Lucifer some kind of redemption arc or just doubles down on her being the personification of all evil. Perhaps saving Heaven will be a way for Jack and Lucifer to bond. Jack's power seem to be limitless. He could be the battery that Heaven needs, or at the very least Jack could attempt to be one. 

Although no matter what Lucifer or Jack potentially tries, their efforts will most likely fail. Supernatural didn't introduce Naomi talking about the failure of Heaven for it to amount to nothing. If all the souls don't fall out of Heaven, some of them will. This would be catastrophic for the characters of Supernatural but all the drama and angst could benefit the show. 

But what do you think? Will Heaven fail? What will happen if all the souls fall to Earth? What do you think Lucifer could do to fix the problem, if anything? Would you like to see more ghosts on Supernatural?

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