'Supernatural' Recap: Who Is Sister Jo and Who Makes a Shocking Return?
'Supernatural' Recap: Who Is Sister Jo and Who Makes a Shocking Return?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural, like politics, makes strange bedfellows. We've seen the Winchesters working with their biggest enemies many times. In this week's episode, "Devil's Bargain," we get a few unlikely alliances, a fascinating new character played by Jensen Ackles' real-life wife and a truly shocking and exciting return.

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The episode largely centers on Lucifer's relationship with a faith healer named Sister Jo, though she's much more than that. Ketch is also back, with his squirrely ability to make deals, Sam and Dean finally have a concrete plan to rescue Mary and Jack and an old weapon is brought back with a familiar face to use it.

Lucifer on the Run

After Cas stabbed him, Lucifer was able to escape. He hunts down a Cupid to steal his Grace and kill him, desperate to find more angels to eat their Grace in order to regain his strength. But in his weakened form Lucifer is more human, experiencing cold and hunger for the first time.

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Lucifer tries begging for money to buy some food, but fails. Luckily a homeless guy befriends him and informs him about a faith healer named Sister Jo. Lucifer suspects that she might be an angel, so he's interested.

Cas and the Winchesters

Cas makes his way back to the Bunker to debrief Sam and Dean on everything that's been going on: a weakened Lucifer returning from Apocalypse World courtesy of Kevin Tran and an Angel Tablet, getting kidnapped by Asmodeus, Apocalypse World's Michael planning to invade this reality and Mary still being alive.

Sam and Dean come up with a crazy plan to save Mary and Jack. They bring in Donatello the Prophet and give him the Demon Tablet, hoping that it contains a spell that can allow them to use Lucifer's Grace to open a portal to Apocalypse World so they can rescue Mary and Jack.

But first they have to find Lucifer. Luckily Cas hears about the dead Cupid on Angel Radio, giving them a lead. Sam talks to Lucifer's homeless friend and learns that he went to see Sister Jo.

While the boys and Cas chase down Lucifer, Asmodeus visits Donatello, posing as Cas. He learns about the plan to use the Demon Tablet to open the portal and compels Donatello to tell him everything that he learns.

Who Is Sister Jo?

Lucifer shows up to see Sister Jo, the magical faith healer whose hands glow when she cures people. It turns out she's actually Anael, an angel. But she's not so heavenly, instead using her powers for profit because she saw how desperate humans were to stay alive and healthy.

She's a rather savvy businesswoman and makes a deal with the Devil. Instead of taking all of her Grace and killing her, he can take a little bit, then let her recover and recharge so he can have a continuous supply of Grace. In exchange, she wants his help. The whole thing is essentially treated as a metaphor for prostitution, with Sister Jo letting Lucifer suck the Grace out of her neck as a business transaction.

This leads to some interesting pillow talk as being drained of her Grace makes Sister Jo more human and she feels emotions. In Heaven she just pushed a button to count the souls, but on Earth she's found meaning and purpose in her life. She felt liberated after falling from Heaven, but Lucifer reveals that he just wants to fit in and please his father, worried that he won't be a good dad to Jack.

There's a whole lot of sexual and romantic chemistry between her and Lucifer. It's hard not to think of how weird it is for the actors since Mark Pellegrino is having these rather intimate scenes with Jensen Ackles' wife.

Everybody Wants the Devil

Sam, Dean and Cas go to find Sister Jo, but instead they run into Ketch, whose been tasked with killing Lucifer by Asmodeus.  Ketch proposes that they team up to find him. Instead, Cas knocks him out and they lock him in the trunk of the Impala.

They get a lead on Sister Jo and track her to a seedy motel. They find her and she pretends to be a hostage, telling them that she's scared and Lucifer is weak, but threatened to steal her Grace. It's a trap, with Sister Jo and Lucifer kicking Cas, Sam and Dean's butts. Lucifer almost kills them, but Ketch freed himself from the trunk. He throws a bomb, but Lucifer teleports away with Sister Jo before it detonates.

New Unholy Alliances

Ketch tries once again to offer an alliance, this time telling them about the fact that he's working for Asmodeus in the interest of transparency. He proposes becoming a double agent. They reluctantly agree because, with Asmodeus, Lucifer and Michael out there, Ketch is the lesser of numerous evils.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Sister Jo meet up with some angels to propose their own unlikely alliance. He says that he can create more angels, which they desperately needs, but only if they name him the new ruler of Heaven. The angels laugh at him, but when he sweetens the pot by offering to give them all their wings back, they are interested. We then see Lucifer sitting on a white throne in Heaven, Sister Jo at his side and the angels kneeling before their new king.

A Shocking Return

Ketch returns to Asmodeus, who has retrieved an Archangel Blade, the only weapon that can kill an archangel like Lucifer. But it can only be used by another archangel. That's when Asmodeus takes Ketch to a cell to introduce him to his prisoner...

GABRIEL! What the hell? Back in season 5, Gabriel tried to use his Archangel Blade to kill Lucifer, but instead Lucifer used it to kill him, so how is he back? On the bright side, it's always fun to have the Trickster around, and given his track record I suspect he may be responsible for the upcoming animated Scooby Doo episode.

Are you happy to see Gabriel back? And what do you think of Lucifer's relationship with Sister Jo?

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