'Supernatural' Recap: How and Why Is Rowena Back?
'Supernatural' Recap: How and Why Is Rowena Back?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has had several episodes in a row that were dark, serious and action-packed. So it's time for a lighter, funnier episode. Well, as light and funny as an episode can be that includes smashing men's heads with sledgehammers and forcing two women to stab each other to death.

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Still, "Various and Sundry Villains" is a great episode that introduces some fun new characters, even the ones in minor roles like that cashier who ogles Dean's butt. More importantly, Rowena is back. But how is she still alive and what does she want?

A Witchy Love Spell

Jamie and Jenny are a pair of witches who use a hex bag to cast love spells on men to get them to do whatever they want, then killing them. They're a little ditzy, but kind of loveable in a sadistic, twisted way. They run into Dean and cast a spell on him so he falls in love with Jamie. They ask him to get the Black Grimoire, the ancient and powerful spell book in the Bunker.

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Dean obliges and it's once again time for Jensen Ackles to be funny, which is always the best version of Dean. Sam immediately figures out that it's a love spell, but Dean knocks him out. Dean hands over the book to the girls and Jamie is about to kill him with a sledgehammer, but Sam arrives to stop it.

Dean attacks Sam for threatening to shoot Jamie and the witches escape. Luckily, the love spell is broken when the hex bag is destroyed. By Rowena!

Rowena Is Back

It seems Rowena has a resurrection spell to keep her alive (like the one she gave to Ketch), even after Lucifer crushed her skull and burned her body. Now she's back for the Black Grimoire because the Grand Coven put a limitation on her powers and the book can help her break it. Sam and Dean have zero interest in working with her, though they do inform her about Crowley's death.

Rowena and Sam have a heart-to-heart about how she'sscared because Lucifer showed her his true face. Sam has also seen it and explains that he just shoves it down and focuses on the work, though that fear never goes away and still keeps him up.

Meanwhile, Dean investigates and gets an address for the witches from a sassy cashier. The cashier has a very small role, but the actress does a great job of making her a fun character, even checking out Dean's butt as he walks away. However, Rowena double-crosses the Winchesters and gets the address to find the girls on her own, casting a spell to freeze Sam and Dean.

Saving Mom

Jamie and Jenny took the spell book because they want to resurrect their mom. Hmm, two siblings willing to do anything to save their mom? That sounds kind of familiar.

Rowena shows up and she was working with the girls and told them about the book, but they betrayed her. They succeeded in partially resurrecting their mom, but now she's a magic-proof zombie.

Zombie Mom attacks Rowena and the Winchesters arrive after freeing themselves. The brothers fight the sisters in a cool little action sequence that ends when Rowena shoots Zombie Mom and kills her. Rowena then casts a spell on the sisters that forces them to stab each other to death. Aww, I kind of liked the Plum family, but that was one insanely disturbing and awesome death.

Rowena Rises

In the end, Sam agrees to give Rowena the page she needs. Dean is upset, but Sam explains that it's because he knows what it feels like to be helpless after everything failed with Jack.

But Sam may regret that decision. The episode ends with Rowena casting the spell to free her from whatever the Grand Coven did and her eyes glow purple. We already have a ton of villains this season (Apocalypse World Michael, Asmodeus, Ketch, Death Billie, maybe Jack and Lucifer, possibly that Cosmic Entity from the Void), and now it looks like we can add Rowena to that growing list.

Cas and Lucifer's Prison Break

Cas and Lucifer spend the episode imprisoned by Asmodeus, trading barbs with wildly entertaining and funny dialogue. Cas brings up how Jack is nothing like his father. It's part of a plot to make Lucifer angry so he can regain some of his power, allowing them to break out of prison.

Lucifer wants to take some of Castiel's Grace to get back to his full strength, but Cas has learned never to trust him. Cas stabs Lucifer, but I doubt he's really dead.

Is Rowena going to break bad once again?

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