'Supernatural' Recap: Does Gabriel Get Revenge and Help the Winchesters?
'Supernatural' Recap: Does Gabriel Get Revenge and Help the Winchesters?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has impeccable timing. Just as Avengers: Infinity War is hitting theaters, the CW drama introduces its own version of one of the MCU's most notorious characters: Loki. In "Unfinished Business," the show channels Kill Bill, with Gabriel exacting revenge on the Norse demigods who sold him to Asmodeus: Loki and his three sons.

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In addition, Jack is feeling a little too comfortable in Apocalypse World, winning a few battles against the angels. Sadly, that changes as we lose someone for the second time.

Kill Loki, Volume 1

Gabriel's Kill Bill mission begins with him killing Fenrir and crossing his name off his list, but he gets injured. He finds Sam and Dean for help as they're tracking him thanks to a spell from Rowena. Gabriel is very weak and it's going to take some time for his grace to rechange.

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We finally get Gabriel's full backstory. He originally saved Loki and then took over for him, hence his time as the Trickster. After fleeing from Lucifer, Gabriel went back to Loki for help, but he was betrayed and sold to Asmodeus.

Sam and Dean agree to help him (after two of Loki's sons are already dead) if Gabriel agrees to help them with Apocalypse World after this revenge spree is over.

Kill Loki, Volume 2

Sam, Dean and Gabriel visit the motel Loki is staying in. Gabriel kills the third son while Dean gets some new information from Loki (played by Richard Speight, Jr., who also plays Gabriel). Loki blames Gabriel for the death of his father, Odin, because Gabriel refused to honor his deal to completely abandon his angel family drama.

Loki and Gabriel have a face-off where Loki accuses him of standing for nothing and always needing people to help him out. Gabriel kills Loki anyway, completing his revenge.

In the end, Gabriel agrees to join the team. Supernatural seems to be assembling its own Avengers to fight Michael. Sam and Dean have Cas, Gabriel and Rowena, plus Jack, Mary, Bobby, Charlie and Ketch in Apocalypse World.

Also, Sam and Dean have a heartfelt competition where Dean reveals that he's scared because facing Michael and an Apocalypse reminds him of what happened in season 5, namely Sam dying and going to Hell. Dean wants to protect his brother, but Sam ominously promises that if they're going to die, they'll do it together.

Jack and Mary's Resistance

In Apocalypse World, Jack is making progress in leading his rebel army against the angels. They find Kevin Tran and learn that Michael is heading south where the wall between worlds is thinner so he can cross over. Jack wants to go fight Michael, but Mary encourages him to wait until they have a plan and more allies.

However, it's all a trap and Kevin is a walking bomb, tasked by Michael to kill Jack's loyal followers to demoralize him. Kevin blows himself up and while Jack is able to save Mary, the rest of his people are killed. Hopefully he's learned his lesson about not getting too cocky.

Do you think Sam's final words will prove prophetic and that both Sam and Dean will die together in the season 13 finale?

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