'Supernatural' Episode 13.20 Photos: Can Sam and Dean Help Gabriel Get Revenge?
'Supernatural' Episode 13.20 Photos: Can Sam and Dean Help Gabriel Get Revenge?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Gabriel may have left on Supernatural, but he's already coming back. As the show heads into the final four episodes of season 13, Sam and Dean will reunite with the archangel to try and get him back. But first they have to help him get revenge against the beings who sold him to Asmodeus.

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In "Unfinished Business," we'll learn more about what happened to Gabriel as he tries to get revenge on the demigods who betrayed him. In the photos for the episode we see two characters named Sleipnir and Narfi, which offers a big clue about Gabriel's past. In Norse mythology, those are two sons of Loki.

Meanwhile in Apocalypse World, Jack and Mary will continue to lead the rebellion against Michael and they get their hands on a potentially valuable source of information: Kevin Tran

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Check out these photos from this episode of Supernatural and the trailer.

Dean with Handcuffs

SN1320b_0342b.jpgGabriel Is Back and Bloody

SN1320b_0232b.jpgSam Takes Care of Gabriel

SN1320b_0064b.jpgDean with a Chair

SN1320b_0306b.jpgGuest Stars Fletcher Donovan and Michael Adamthwaite as Loki's Sons Sleipnir and Narfi

SN1320b_0276b.jpgBack to Apocalypse World

SN1320a_0003b.jpgJack and Mary Lead the Rebellion

SN1320a_0167b.jpgApocalypse World's Kevin Tran

SN1320a_0037b.jpgKevin Is a Prisoner

SN1320a_0118b.jpgMary Talks to Kevin


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