'Supernatural' Episode 13.19 Photos: Is Rowena Working with the Reapers?
'Supernatural' Episode 13.19 Photos: Is Rowena Working with the Reapers?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has a ton of villains in season 13 and as the show heads into the final five episodes, some of them are coming together. In "Funeralia," Rowena is back after regaining her full power and she's on a mission that Sam and Dean have to stop. But based on these photos, it seems that Rowena may be teaming up with another strong female character.

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The episode also marks the return of the Reapers and particularly Billie, who gave up her day job to take over the role of Death. It's unclear in these photos if Rowena and Billie are allies, foes or both, but the two are certainly together. That's one lethal combination of ladies for the Winchesters.

"Funeralia" will also feature Castiel visiting Heaven for help, which means he'll find out that Lucifer is now running the place. That should cause some drama, especially since the Winchesters happen to need some archangel grace for their mission.

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Check out these photos from the episode.

Sam in the Hot Seat


SN1319a_0384b.jpgWhat Does Rowena Want from Sam?

SN1319a_0019b.jpgIs Rowena Working with Billie?

SN1319a_0031br2.jpgDeath, aka Billie the Former Reaper

SN1319a_0173b.jpgRowena with a Knife

SN1319a_0301b.jpgRowena and Billie

SN1319a_0101b.jpgDean with a Gun

SN1319a_0390b.jpgDean with Jessica the Reaper


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