Why McGee Needs to Move out of His Apartment Immediately on 'NCIS'
Why McGee Needs to Move out of His Apartment Immediately on 'NCIS'
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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One of the biggest mysteries on NCIS right now might very well be why McGee hasn't moved out of his (formerly Tony's) apartment, given what has happened there and in his life since he moved in. Sure, it's a nice place, and if it was going to go to anyone on the team, it should have been him, but "sentiment" can only go so far as a reason to stay somewhere when leaving is the better option.

After all, McGee and Delilah have now started a family, so what was once Tony's bachelor pad isn't exactly the greatest family home. Plus, it's been a crime scene multiple times and Paul Triff (you know, that convicted murderer) loves it. It's time for McGee to start looking at real estate listings.

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McGee Has a Family Now

McGee and Delilah moved into the apartment before she got pregnant, and now, they not only have one baby, but two. It's a nice place for one or two people to live, but they can't exactly raise a family there. They're going to have to move out eventually, so why not do that sooner rather than later?

Triff Likes Him Living There

Sure, at first, the fact that it was the site of a triple homicide meant that it was reasonably priced. But then McGee moved in, found a dead body under the floor under where he and Delilah have their bed and had the former owner (and man responsible for the bodies in the apartment, both from the homicide and in the floor) in a cage in the living room. Since none of this would be something he'd want to put in a real estate listing for the place, that should be a sign that maybe it's time to leave the apartment behind.

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Then there's the fact that Triff doesn't want him to move. At one point in "Keep Your Enemies Closer," McGee says, "I gotta get out of this apartment," possibly the smartest thing he said or did all episode since he also confided in Triff about his parental woes and opened his door without looking through the peephole, allowing Gabriel Hicks to take him hostage. "You're not going anywhere," Triff said in reply, which could have meant that he knew Hicks was at the door and McGee wouldn't be leaving at that moment or that he wouldn't be leaving the apartment in general.

After all, after Triff takes a bullet saving McGee's life, he explains, "If you die, someone new would move into my apartment. I can't risk some gauche millennial hanging movie posters on my Venetian plaster. Oh no, not after all the blood, sweat and tears that I put into our place." If a convicted murderer knows where you live, doesn't want you to move and calls your apartment "our place," it's not only time to move, it's also a good idea to make sure he can't find out your new address, even if he's calling you "besties."

The One Reason for McGee and Delilah to Stay (for Now)

They did get married there, so they do have that. But that's what photos, video and memories are for.

Do you think McGee should move out of that apartment?

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