'NCIS': Should Paul Triff Return for Another Episode?
'NCIS': Should Paul Triff Return for Another Episode?
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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NCIS brought Paul Triff back to help them stop Gabriel Hicks, but "Keep Your Enemies Closer" shouldn't be the last time French Stewart appears as the convicted murderer -- and not just because his and McGee's dynamic has become oddly entertaining at times.

There were a few glaring loose ends by the end of season 15 episode 15, even though no one from the team seemed concerned about them. While Triff did save McGee's life, in order to do so, his cage door was unlocked somehow. Also, though McGee had his apartment "de-babyfied" so that Triff wouldn't know anything about his family, he ended up confiding in him about the troubles of sleeping with twins on different schedules. And there were a few moments that would suggest that Triff could be up to something sinister himself that could come into play at a later date.

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Stop Sharing Stuff with Triff, McGee!

Despite having everything about his family removed from sight before Triff was brought in and being smart with "no comment" when Triff asked about his father, once the murderer said he smelled spit-up and correctly identified that McGee has a boy and a girl and assumes different sleep schedules by the bags under his eyes, McGee confides in him. He even, unprompted, provides Triff with Delilah and the twins' names and thanks him for his advice. And he doesn't even seem concerned about it at any point after that!

Rather than focus on Triff's comment about being the twins' godfather as McGee is at the end of the episode, maybe the agent should have wondered about the murderer saying that he was hoping to meet his wife and the twins but, "oh, well, next time."

There are some moments that can be played for laughs, but this isn't one of them (especially considering how worried McGee was just about Triff knowing he has a family.) And because of that, it could be interesting to see Triff come back and, if McGee's guard is dropped around him, take advantage of that. (I'm not saying anything should happen to Delilah or the twins. It shouldn't. Ever. But at least have Triff do something to give McGee reason to be distressed about him knowing about them.)

An Open Cage Door Shouldn't Just Be Dropped

Triff was brought into McGee's apartment in chains and put in a cage. McGee even checked with Reeves that the lock was secure and later, after Triff got out after Hicks entered the apartment, wondered how long the door was unlocked. But after that, the focus turned to stopping Hicks and saving Fornell and it was never mentioned again.

Sure, Triff rattled the cage in such a way that McGee would've known if the door was open (I assume) before Hicks showed up, but we got nothing that suggested what Triff's plan was when it comes to the open door. Did he plan to confront Hicks himself? (He did know that Hicks would show up eventually.) Did he plan to escape while McGee was distracted by Hicks?

The only way that will probably ever be explained is if Triff returns and it's somehow related to what brings him back.

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What Did Triff Get out of Helping NCIS?

According to Jack, Triff had a massive ego and the attention Hicks received fueled Paul's desire to see him caught, but was that really it? As Triff said to McGee, "Did you really think that a wild animal would willingly return to his cage after tasting freedom? You have no idea what you're up against." McGee didn't know if he was talking about Hicks or himself and Triff confirmed he was right to question that.

His remark that his cell was only temporary could refer to his prison cell and not just the cage. And in their last conversation, Triff mentioned "next time" twice. Combined with his murderous history and his obvious goading of Hicks with that "disappointingly inadequate" line, Triff has to be up to something, right?

None of that should be forgotten just because he took a bullet for McGee, but it will be if we never see him again. Now that Paul has tasted freedom, are we really to believe that he'll just return to his cell and be happy to stay there?

Who Doesn't Want to See at Least One More Conversation Between McGee and Triff?

While I do have issues with McGee and Triff's conversations and dynamic becoming more light-hearted than they should have by the end of "Keep Your Enemies Closer," there is something very entertaining about Sean Murray and Stewart's scenes.

And hey, who knows, that could all change if McGee moves out, considering how attached Triff is to that apartment -- he was more concerned about his blood staining the floor than his gunshot wound, after all -- or if Triff returns in a different capacity and isn't around to help the team stop another killer but is the one they're after instead.

But for now, NCIS should capitalize on what it's getting there, especially since after the changes the team has gone through, it's definitely a plus when the focus is on a character who has been around since season 1.

Do you think Paul Triff needs to return for one more episode or would you rather his story end with "Keep Your Enemies Closer"?

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