'NCIS' Romance: 6 Reasons It's Time to Start Shipping Gibbs and Jack
'NCIS' Romance: 6 Reasons It's Time to Start Shipping Gibbs and Jack
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Special Agent Jacqueline "Jack" Sloane joined the NCIS team earlier in season 15. She is finally settling in, getting to know each of the team members, and adding her insight as a profiler to investigations.

There is one relationship that is particularly interesting, and that is the relationship between Jack and Gibbs. There is a certain tension between them, and many reasons that they may also be great partners in the romantic department. Let's see why these two NCIS agents should consider dating.

They Are Both Mature and Know What They Want

Look, these two are no strangers to romance. Gibbs has an especially long track record between his three marriages and past romantic entanglements. We don't know very much about Jack's history yet, but she is obviously a confident and self-aware woman. Neither of them is shy about expressing what they want. Perhaps their love affair may not be meant to last forever, but these two could still handle their jobs without an issue if their romance sputtered out. They are both professionals, after all.

Gibbs Doesn't Mind an Office Romance

Gibbs has been down the road to workplace romance several times before. Gibbs had a relationship with former NCIS Director Jenny Shepard, which began when they were working undercover in Europe. Years later, when she later accepted the position of director, there were still romantic sparks. Later Gibbs started a short relationship with Army CID Agent Lieutenant Colonel Hollis Mann.

His most recent work-related fling was with psychologist Dr. Samantha Ryan in season 9. Bottom line, Gibbs isn't afraid to go for what he wants, and he is still able to keep things professional (for the most part.)

They Understand Each Other

Jack may have used a ruse to scope out Gibbs at his home by using the old broken-down car trick, but Gibbs already had her number. Why else would he invite a total stranger to stay in his house when he was called in on a case?

Jack knows that Gibbs will do anything for his team. Gibbs even gave up his spot on a security detail for a senator in Afghanistan so that Jack could go in his place. He knew how important it was to her to return to Afghanistan without knowing any of the details. Gibbs just knew what Jack needed without her having to verbalize it.  

Jack admires how Gibbs cares about his team, and she knows that he has some secrets and feelings that are locked away. Jack can relate because she is keeping her own share of secrets, and Gibbs can sense that this is another trait that they share. 

Gibbs Needs a Love Interest

NCIS has left Gibbs without a love interest for far too long. It is painfully obvious that Gibbs has been alone, and lonely, for a long time. The perfect resolution is to have him begin a romance with the profiler.

Jack and Gibbs have a lot in common, such as their dedication to their work and their stubborn natures. There is no denying that they would be great romantic partners for each other. Gibbs is all about the simple things in life: family, love and loyalty. Jack could be the perfect solution to cure his loneliness.

Jack and Gibbs Have Good Banter

From the moment that she appeared at NCIS headquarters and tossed Gibbs his house keys, to nicknaming Gibbs "Cowboy," the stage was set for some witty banter between these two. This duo can bounce from verbal sparring to unexpected emotion, and it is a thrill to watch. 

Jack also likes to diffuse any tension between them with a joke, and it seems to work. 
They do step on each other's toes quite often, but it is the way they navigate their complicated relationship that keeps things between them intriguing. 

They Challenge Each Other

When Jack first arrived, Gibbs told her that she needed to go through him while working on cases. In fact, Jack is Gibbs' equal, and he doesn't have any authority over her. At times, they do ruffle each other's feathers, but they are able to put the tension to rest quickly.

Their relationship is now based on mutual respect. Jack and Gibbs both seem to admire how the other handles their role in solving cases. Gibbs may not like games, but watching these two match intellects gives off some serious vibes. 

Since the basis of this romantic pairing would be based on respect and understanding, I think Gibbs and Jack should give love a chance.

Is it time for Gibbs to get a love interest? Do you think that Jack and Gibbs make a good couple? Do you think that their relationship would be a bad idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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