Casting Bits: Jennifer Lopez to Guest on 'Will & Grace,' 'NCIS' Lands a Movie Star and More
Casting Bits: Jennifer Lopez to Guest on 'Will & Grace,' 'NCIS' Lands a Movie Star and More
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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With the end-of-year holidays beginning to thaw out, the broadcast TV schedule is getting back into full swing. As shows return, several series are prepping for appearances by big-name stars, both in the realm of TV and outside it. 

Will & Grace will be playing host to Jennifer Lopez in an interesting dual role, while NCIS has signed a very famous character actor for an appearance. Jane the Virgin has not one but two famous actresses joining its season 4 and a This Is Us star is switching networks and series, for a single episode. In addition, The Good Doctor is getting a new resident as American Gods loses another significant person for season 2.

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Jennifer Lopez to Guest on Will & Grace

A-Lister Jennifer Lopez has history with Will & Grace and according to TVLine the show is going to acknowledge it in the revival. Lopez, who appeared as herself in three episodes of the show's original run, has signed on to reappear in season 9.

Lopez will reprise her role as a fictionalized version of herself ... and also play her character from NBC's Shades of Blue, Harlee Santos. It's unclear exactly how the "crossover" will work or make sense, but the chances are good that Lopez' appearance as Santos will be part of a dream sequence or a fake segment of her show played solely for Will & Grace

Brooke Shields and Rosario Dawson to Appear on Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin has had several big name stars appear on the show as themselves or as brand-new characters. The latest casting news for season 4 is the best of both worlds. Variety reports that Brooke Shields will be playing a character somewhat based on herself for multiple episodes. Meanwhile, TVLine reports that Rosario Dawson has her own arc lined up. 

Brooke Shields will be playing a supermodel whose name is River Fields. Despite the similarity of names, The CW stresses that Shields and Fields are vastly different people. However that likely just means that Fields will the comic opposite of Shields. Fields will play the new nemesis of Jane's father and soap star, Rogelio De La Vega.

As for Rosario Dawson, her role is a lot more mysterious. The actress will appear in multiple episodes but it's unknown who she's playing or when she will even appear, besides sometime in season 4.

Gillian Anderson Confirms American Gods Exit 

American Gods is already losing its showrunners, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, for season 2. Now the show is losing one of its biggest TV stars. 

TVLine reports that The X-Files' Gillian Anderson confirmed she will not be back as New God Media in season 2. The reason for Anderson's exit was not given but it's likely due to the departure of Fuller, with whom she has a working relationship based on previous projects. While disheartening, it shouldn't take much explaining for American Gods to recast Media, as the character was always a rather nebulous and chameleon-like presence in season 1.

The Good Doctor Gets a New Medical Resident 

A new doctor is joining the team on ABC's The Good Doctor. According to Deadline, Fiona Gubelmann, who has appeared on FX's Wilfred and Netflix's One Day at at Time, has been cast as the newest doctor at the hospital. Gubelmann will play Morgan, "a charming, funny new resident who is fully embracing life and yet also quite cutthroat (but it's never personal)."

The actress is confirmed to appear in five episodes of The Good Doctor season 1 but has the option to become a series regular for season 2. The Good Doctor has not yet been renewed for season 2 but given the ratings it's almost guaranteed. 

Kevin Pollak Joins NCIS for an Episode

NCIS is getting a little bit of star power for season 15. Entertainment Weekly reports that film character actor Kevin Pollak, known for roles in A Few Good Men, The Usual Suspects and much more, will appear on NCIS for one episode. 

Pollak will play Albert Hathaway, who will be introduced behind bars. The NCIS team will visit him when they discover that a member of the jury who convicted him has wound up dead as a result of a hitman. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Be Visited by This Is Us Star

Of any of the This Is Us cast, Sterling K. Brown probably has the most active career outside the show. However, most of Brown's recent roles have been in the movies. Yet according to TVLine Brown has landed a guest spot on a TV comedy, on a rival network. Sterling K. Brown will move from This Is Us on NBC to FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a single episode. 

The two-time Emmy winner will play a yet unnamed murder suspect on the sitcom. The episode in which Brown will appear will revolve around his character's all night interrogation with Andy Samberg's Detective Jake Peralta and Andre Braugher's Captain Holt.

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