6 Reasons Bishop Should Go Undercover More Often on 'NCIS'
6 Reasons Bishop Should Go Undercover More Often on 'NCIS'
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Ellie Bishop was highly convincing while undercover on the latest episode of NCIS. She proved that even though she's a sweet, caring woman in the office, she can have a wild side to her. We've spent so long watching her play the somewhat nervous and innocent girl that we can forget Bishop is a skilled, tough federal agent. Now that she's gone undercover once, many fans want to see more and here are six reasons it should happen soon.

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#1. She Became a Master Extremely Quickly

It shouldn't have been that surprising that Bishop could master something quickly. She's a smart woman and has proven numerous times that she can learn a new task without much hassle. Yet nobody really expected her undercover skills to be amazing right away. She's done cover before, but nothing on the scale of taking down this drug ring. By the end of the episode, Bishop had developed a believable backstory, knew when to switch in and out of the cover to save her team, and tricked some of the smartest people in the drug ring. She was a master by the end.

#2. Her Confidence Shone

Seeing Bishop in a leadership role at the start of the season was uncomfortable. She was nervous and struggled to command the two men by her side. While she accomplished goals, there was just something off. Surprisingly, when in her undercover role she oozed confidence. It was refreshing to see this different side to her and it needs to come out more.

#3. It Was Just Fun to Watch

While Bishop can be funny, the other NCIS characters tend to take over the scenes she's in. That wasn't the case when she was undercover. With her new confidence, she was able to give back all the jibes she would usually receive. Her friendship with Torres grew and it was fun to watch, even if there was a little danger.

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#4. There Was More Action

Briefings in the bull pit have been common occurrences in the show, but when an agent goes undercover there's a little more action. Bishop helped to continue that and did it in style. She continually thought on her feet and made sure to update as much as she could, proving her abilities as a good agent and keeping the episode exciting to watch.

#5. It Was Hard to Know What She Was Thinking

There were times Bishop was put in difficult and somewhat impossible situations. The biggest one was when she was given the job to shoot Frankie. While she later explains she knew Torres would step in and help, that wasn't clearly written on her face. Sure, that's what makes her a good undercover agent but it was also refreshing from a character point of view. Most of the time, Bishop has tells and it's easy to know her plans before they happen. That isn't the case when she's undercover, adding depth to the character.

#6. She Reminded Us of Ziva

While nobody can ever replace Ziva, Bishop has done extremely well in integrating with the team. It was never going to be easy for her character to be liked by the fans. Rather than try to be a carbon copy, she was the complete opposite, which sort of helped. But there are times we need reminders of Ziva, and Bishop undercover gave us that moment. She was cocky, stubborn, sarcastic and funny at the same time. Every now and then, this would be an excellent Bishop to come back.

Would you like to see more of Bishop going undercover? What was the best thing about the character portrayal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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