'NCIS: Los Angeles' Recap: Can Kensi Use Her Past to Stop a Killer?
'NCIS: Los Angeles' Recap: Can Kensi Use Her Past to Stop a Killer?
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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Kensi ends up pretty bruised in this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. But just because she loses one fight doesn't mean she doesn't come out the victor in the end -- and she saves a life in the process.

Elsewhere in "Forasteira," Deeks takes the day off from NCIS business for "LAPD sensitivity training" -- at least that's the cover story Kensi gives. His mother's boyfriend is mugged and turns to him for help recovering his belongings, but will Deeks want to see what's on his computer or sketchpad?

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A Girl Stumbles Around a Bar ... and Does Some Damage

What's the best way to be underestimated? Pretend to be too drunk to even walk. That's what a woman does in a dive bar before swiftly killing two men and then shooting a third she sees coming up behind her in the mirror. She leaves and blows up the place using a thermite grenade, which burns at 4,000 degrees, almost through anything, including the hard drive with the security footage.

The team has IDs on two of the men; both were in the Marines (different units) and both had gang-related charges on their records (different gangs). The third man was burned too badly for an ID. There is one survivor, the bartender, whom the woman asked for help to the bathroom, knocked out and threw her in the refrigerator (the only safe place in the bar when the grenade went off), and whose phone she used to call 911.

Eric can't find the woman on any traffic cameras in the area, but he does have a lead on the grenade she used. The woman must either have ties to the military or a black market contact to get her hands on one. A case went missing, along with other weapons, from a Marine base a year ago, and the prime suspect was Jackson Horton, but no one could pin it on him.

When Sam and Callen check out the address of one of the victims, men start shooting at them from inside, and they take cover behind a car. Once back-up arrives, they breach the house and take control. On a table is a phone, with two numbers in it.

Kensi and Harley find Jackson tied up and gagged in the trailer outside his place, and he reveals that it was a woman, with a Spanish (possibly Portuguese) accent, who surprised him. She took several weapons (including a missile launcher?!) from his storage unit.

The third victim at the bar is identified by his dental records: Luciano, who worked at the Brazilian consulate under Consul General Enzo Souza. Mosley knows Souza and says he's no angel. She goes to pay him a visit, with Sam and Callen posing as her guards. While they wait for her, they just so happen to get eyes on the men whose numbers are in the phone they found earlier, thanks to Sam calling one of the numbers to check.

Meanwhile, Souza informs Mosley that Luciano was at the bar plotting his assassination.

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Kensi Goes 1-1 Against a Suspect -- But It's the Win That Really Matters

Eric tells the team about Carlos Rey, who was blamed in a newspaper for bombing a drug den by Souza, when he was a congressman at the time. Luciano tipped off the reporter. They've known each other a long time; did they have a falling-out? Could Luciano have hired the woman to take out Souza, and she killed him and his friends instead?

Mosley's able to convince Souza to leave the country, but they know the woman could try to get him on his way to the airport -- which is exactly what she does, with the missile launcher she stole. She hits Sam's SUV (he and Callen, who's in the backseat posing as Souza, are fine), and Kensi and Harley take off after her when she flees the scene. (Nell's the one really taking Souza to the airport, in a food truck.)

Kensi's the one who encounters the woman, and it's quite the fight (hand-to-hand, though both do try to get their hands on Kensi's gun once it's on the ground). It's the woman who gets the upper-hand, going so far as to wrap tarp around Kensi's throat and beginning to choke her as she wonders why she's protecting a killer like Souza. But when Kensi knocks her away, the woman flees.

She could have killed her, Kensi notes when the team reconvenes in the boat shed. She told her that Souza and Luciano were selling cocaine. They identify the woman thanks to a photo of Carlos with a girl in the background: his daughter, Pietra. Carlos was gunned down in 2002 when she was 13. She thinks Souza and Luciano killed him, and she wants to avenge his death. She was part of a Brazilian militia group that trained kids in the jungle to be deadly fighters.

Once they have Souza in an interrogation room in the boat shed, they ask him if he knows Pietra Rey. No, but he knows her father's name, he tells them and calls him a terrorist who brought about his own death. He claims he's not involved in the Brazilian drug trade.

Then Pietra, who took Kensi's phone, calls Harley's phone and informs them to leave the building without Souza in the next minute or they all die with him. Kensi goes after Pietra, with Callen and Harley going to back her up, while Sam and Mosley try to move Souza to a more secure part of the building. However, he instead pulls a gun on Mosley, who ends up disarming him herself (but breaks a heel in the process).

Kensi finds Pietra, ready to launch a missile at the boat shed, and tells her that Souza's not worth it. She talks about how her father was killed when she was a teenager and what she did because of that. But when she asked for help, her anger no longer had any control over her. Pietra puts down the missile launcher.

Souza's going home, where the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is interested in what was uploaded from his cell, and Pietra's going to testify against him.  

Bonding Time for Deeks and Guy?

Deeks pretty much forces Kensi to cover for him when Guy calls him after he was mugged. And as he helps his mother's boyfriend, he fears the sort of "documents" and "workout videos" on his laptop and the drawings in his sketchpad (especially once Guy says they're nudes). And it seems his worst fears come to life when, after Guy's belongings are recovered, Deeks has Kensi look through the sketchpad. Fruit. Zebra. And then a gasp. Just the words "Like Rose from Titanic" are enough to have Deeks heading for the burn room at NCIS with that sketchpad.

What did you think of the case and Kensi's fight with Pietra? What do you think of Guy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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