'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: What's Causing Mass Hysteria in Memphis?
'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: What's Causing Mass Hysteria in Memphis?
Randa Kriss
Randa Kriss
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In this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, titled "Amazing Grace," the team heads to Memphis 1954 after they notice that some things have changed on the Wave Rider. In Memphis, the Legends must save Elvis Presley's career and return the flow of history. Things become more complicated, however, when Elvis' guitar turns out to be a little more than just the inspiration for rock and roll.

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Hysteria in Memphis

Memphis 1950. A man is at work at his shop when a young man comes in looking to buy a guitar. The young man picks one out, but the owner doesn't want him to buy it because he says it's cursed. The kid starts to play the guitar, and the lights shine incredibly brightly in the store. The owner gives it to him for free. As he's leaving, he asks the boy his name. He says it's Elvis Presley.

Wally is helping Zari with chores on the Wave Rider as she shows him the ropes. She invites him to play Guitar Hero but notices that her game is now called Trombone Hero. Mick and Ray are in the kitchen, and Mick is looking for something to feed his rat. He too notices something strange. His rat, once named Axel, is now named Josh Groban.

On the bridge, Amaya, Nate and Sara look for a new anachronism to tackle. Everyone comes in complaining about the strange changes that they are finding. When they ask Gideon what's up, she reveals that something is happening in Memphis 1954. Mass hysteria has occurred after Elvis Presley saw something that drove him insane. Memphis turned into a ghost town instead of turning into the home of rock and roll.

So the Legends head to Memphis. In Memphis, the team attends church where Elvis' uncle is preaching. The reverend says rock and roll is what's causing the hysteria. He asks Elvis to play, and Elvis' mom asks him to keep it godly. Elvis plays, and while he's playing, Zaris' totem lights up and she begins to float. Something on Elvis' guitar is causing it. The Legends realize that Elvis is a totem bearer.

Back on the Wave Rider, the Legends try to figure out what totem Elvis has. Wally retrieves Elvis' guitar, and they have Gideon make a replica one to return to The King. They need Elvis to record his first single so history is back on track.

Elvis: The Totem Bearer

Nate brings Amaya to a bar to give Elvis back his guitar. Elvis gets on stage to play, but he's terrible. He tells Nate and Amaya that his guitar is special; normally, the guitar connects him to his dead twin brother.

On the ship, Nate and Sara try to take the totem off the guitar. The ship begins to get cold, messing with its functioning. An Elvis look-alike ghost appears, holding the guitar. Sara tries to take the guitar, but the ghost fights her and Ray off. It leaves, flying into the kitchen, hitting Mick and his rat. Wally tries to grab the guitar, but it fights off him as well.

Elvis, meanwhile, tells Nate and Amaya more about the guitar and his brother, Jesse. Nate reports back to the team about the guitar being haunted, and they tell him they already know. Sara calls out to Jesse, saying she knows his brother, and the guitar stops fighting. Elvis tells Nate that he needs the guitar for his first recording session, and Nate says he'll get it back.

Sara talks to Constantine and finds out that Elvis' totem is the death totem. It's the most volatile of all the totems, and it gives the bearer the power to control the dead. The totem could turn Memphis into a ghost town. Nate, however, insists that Elvis needs the guitar back because his rock and roll will change the world. Sara agrees to give it to Elvis so that he can record the one song, as long as Nate stays with him.

In the recording studio, Elvis is great. They are going to play his record on the radio. However, before they can get the record to the station, Elvis' uncle shows up and takes it. He has Nate, Amaya and Elvis arrested. At the jail, he says he's going to destroy the record and make an example of his nephew. Nate calls the team to alert them of their predicament. Zari and Wally head off to get the record to save history. Wally wants to run in, but Zari says they need to be more careful, talk to people and work things out.

Mick, meanwhile, is still trying to find Axel. Unfortunately, he finds that the rat drank something poisonous and has died. Still stuck in jail, Nate tells Elvis that he has to give up the guitar. Elvis says he can't do his music without Jesse. Nate convinces him that he can; the music has been with him all along.

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Raising the Dead

Ray throws a funeral for Axel. Sara tries to leave, but Ray insists that they all need it. The three share drinks, and Mick tears up. Zari and Wally talk to the Reverend. Wally convinces him to give up the record, and he runs it over to the radio station. After hearing the song on the radio, the Reverend is impressed with the effect the music has on his congregation. Zari and Wally dance.

In the church's graveyard, however, ghosts begin to rise after hearing the music from the totem. Zari and Wally go to leave and find themselves face to face with an army of ghosts. Zari realizes that the ghosts must be what drive everyone out of Memphis. The ghosts begin to enter the church and attack; Zari fights them off with her totem.

Mick goes to send off Axel, but with Elvis' music playing on the Wave Rider, his ghost rises too. All the ghosts head to find Elvis and the guitar. A sheriff comes running into the jail, afraid of the ghosts, and lets out Elvis, Nate and Amaya. Elvis realizes that he can affect the ghosts with the guitar. They head to the church to return the ghosts to their resting places.

In the graveyard, Elvis says the ghosts just want to be acknowledged. He enters the church and plays "Amazing Grace." As he does, the ghosts disappear. Mick offers his sandwich to Axel's ghost, and Axel disappears. Elvis sees his brother and thanks him for everything, saying that this goodbye isn't forever.

Back at the recording studio, Elvis removes the totem from his guitar and gives it to Nate. He says that Nate taught him that his brother will live on through his music.

On the Wave Rider, the Legends celebrate their acquisition of four of the totems. They decide to lock away the totems before the Darhks try to get their hands on them. Ray puts the death totem in a special lock box. Later, Amaya calls Nate into the library to teach him about the music of Zambezi. She says she loves him, but with the headphones on, Nate can't hear her.

As all is dark and quiet on the ship, the death totem shakes up its lock box in Ray's lab.

What did you think of the team's trip to 1954? How do you think Wally is fitting in on the team? Can the Legends use their four totems to defeat Mollus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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