Ava Should Join the 'Legends of Tomorrow' Team in Season 3
Ava Should Join the 'Legends of Tomorrow' Team in Season 3
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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More than any other Arrow-verse show, the core cast of Legends of Tomorrow has been a constantly evolving and changing entity. Though a handful of characters have been around since the very start, Legends has been free to remove, but more importantly add, faces as they see fit. In the winter finale, Legends of Tomorrow managed to say goodbye to one character, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, but also introduced the idea that a season 3 addition works perfectly among the ragtag time-traveling group. Ava Sharpe might be a member of the Time Bureau but she might be best used as member of the Legends.

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The Order in Disorder

Ava did not make the best first impression on Legends of Tomorrow. As the face of the Time Bureau, even more than founder Rip Hunter, Ava was very much an antagonist at the start of the season. Ava was a no-nonsense, self-serious character and that just translated into be a joyless black hole of fun and personality. It made Ava a natural opponent for the Legends, but it didn't do much, at all, to endear her to the audience. 

As Legends season 3 has progressed, though, Ava has softened considerably, both to the team and in general as a character. She's still rigid and very much wants to play by the rules, but she's far from a buzzkill, having literally let down her hair from its severe bun. In "Beebo the God of War," the new and much more fun Ava was able to shine and proved that there's much more potential to the character as an ally, not an antagonist. 

Legends of Tomorrow is a tremendous amount of fun but the truth is that the show desperately needs a voice of reason and logic. Sara Lance is the best captain imaginable for the Waverider crew. Caity Lotz makes the show. Still, Sara is just as much driven to impulsive danger and stupid decisions as any other member of her misfit team. The Legends need an occasional or frequent voice of reason like Ava, not only to protect them from themselves but to keep the show on track and keep it from becoming a series of wacky time-travel vignettes. 

"Beebo the God of War" was proof that Ava can still keep the core of her character intact, while having fun. She can be the straight woman but that doesn't make her boring. Ava doesn't need to be a buzzkill to be serious. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Rather than having the differences between Ava and the team be a source of real tension and physical conflict, Legends of Tomorrow was able to use Ava's bewilderment and disdain for humor. This is the smartest decision possible because Legends of Tomorrow is always at its best when It approaches things with a comedic bent. Legends of Tomorrow is a comedy and that's where it feels most at home. 

The Captain Meets Her Match

As the sensible one in the chaotic storm, Ava has enormous potential and it's a role that she could fit into nicely as season 3 progresses. The show has lost Stein, who definitely had his fair share of stupid mistakes but also ended up being the voice of reason more often than not. The show needs Ava to fill in that role and add to it. This is because "Beebo the God of War" didn't just have Ava be the discerning voice of reason, it introduced an interesting new dynamic between her and Sara. 

Since Ava is an attractive, seemingly unattached, woman, obviously Sara was more than willing to flirt with her, which she did in "Beebo the God of War." More interestingly though, Ava seemed to respond to Sara's advances and compliments. Whether it was just because she was flattered or she's romantically interested in Sara, Ava and the captain were getting along and that camaraderie was fascinating to watch develop. 

Legends of Tomorrow wisely promoted Sara to the top spot on the team but they have yet to introduce her equal. At least no one on the same side as Sara. There's been no one that Sara can truly confide in or bounce ideas off on the team because ultimately the Legends look to Sara as their leader. It's therefore really exciting to have Ava and Sara strike up a friendship because they're both capable and confident leaders. Whether it develops into a romance or not is, more or less, irrelevant. The point is that Legends should surround Sara with more equals and right now Ava is, far and away, the best option. 

Do you agree? Do you hope to see more of Ava on the team as season 3 continues? Do you think the show needs to introduce more equals for Sara or is she best as the lone leader? 

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