Google's Top TV Search Trends for 2017: 'Riverdale,' 'Bachelor' and Netflix
Google's Top TV Search Trends for 2017: 'Riverdale,' 'Bachelor' and Netflix
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's the end of 2017 and time to look back at everything that happened over the year. Google has released its lists for the top search trends of the year. For television, that includes a surprise hit in the CW's Riverdale, a big bump for the Bachelor franchise and a whole lot of Netflix.

The lists represent the top search trends, which were compiled by Google noting huge spikes in search traffic compared to 2016. That may explain why most of the lists are new shows, since no one was searching for them last year.

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Here are Google's lists, first the top trends in the United States, and then a look at how it compares to global TV trends. You can see all of Google's 2017 lists HERE.


1: 13 Reasons Why
2: Game of Thrones
3: This Is Us
4: Iron Fist
5: Riverdale
6: Bachelor in Paradise
7: The Good Doctor
8: Santa Clarita Diet
9: Big Little Lies
10: American Gods

Netflix is the big winner with three shows on the list, including the top trend in 13 Reasons Why. The drama about teen suicide was one of the hottest shows of 2017 as it even managed to make Google's list of the Top 10 search trends of the year globally, and that includes everything from Hurricane Irma to Fidget Spinners and iPhones to Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle to fired Today Show host Matt Lauer.

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Even smaller Netflix shows, like the Drew Barrymore zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet, made the list. There are also big hits like Game of Thrones, This Is Us and the Emmy-winning Big Little Lies.

Other new shows include the CW's Riverdale, which is a surprising phenomenon, ABC's breakout Fall hit The Good Doctor and Starz's graphic novel adaptation of American Gods.

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The biggest surprise may be ABC's Bachelor in Paradise, but not if you think about it. This year the show faced a lot of controversy with sexual misconduct allegations against DeMario Jackson by Corinne Olympios. That scandal certainly had everything to do with the show making this list.


1: Stranger Things
2: 13 Reasons Why
3: Big Brother Brasil
4: Game of Thrones
5: Iron Fist
6: Bigg Boss
7: Riverdale
8: American Gods
9: The Kapil Sharma Show    
10: Mindhunter

Clearly Netflix is huge across the entire world, with four shows on the global list including the top two. There's also some crossover with the U.S. with Game of Thrones, American Gods and Riverdale all proving to be very popular.

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The other three entries on the list prove that TV isn't just limited to the U.S. Big Brother Brasil and Bigg Boss are the Brazilian and Indian versions of the reality show Big Brother. That's a reality format that is successful all over the world. And India actually got two shows on the list with The Kapil Sharma Show, a sketch comedy and talk show that premiered in 2016.

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