'Empire' Recap: The Final Lyon Cub Goes Down
'Empire' Recap: The Final Lyon Cub Goes Down
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of Empire, titled "Cupid Painted Blind," Cookie and Lucious worry that Andre will be Diana's next victim, Hakeem gets some fatherly advice from Shyne and Jamal deals with the aftermath of Warren's betrayal.

Actions have consequences, and Jamal is facing some serious legal woes after very publically beating the crap out of Warren. There's a warrant out for his arrest, but Thirsty has convinced the powers that be to let Jamal turn himself in. This gives the Lyon family 10 hours to find a way out of this mess. Thirsty thinks if they can convince Warren to say he threw the first punch, Jamal could be cleared of some, if not all, of the charges he's facing. The main obstacle standing in their way is finding Warren since Diana DuBois has her nephew hidden away and under lock and key.

All About Andre

Now that the Lyon family knows that Diana is trying to get to the boys one by one, Cookie and Lucious turn their attention to Andre, knowing he's next. Cookie wants to know if there's anything new or suspicious going on in his life, but Andre plays stupid. He doesn't have a baby to snatch or a boyfriend to beat up. What he does have is a dirty cop for a girlfriend and the secret that he conspired to kill his own father. He's also got a shady shrink and a pill problem. He insists he doesn't see any way for Diana to get to him. 

Lucious points out that Diana's plan of attack has been to get to the Lyon boys through their hearts. Lucious brings up that Andre mentioned there might be someone special, but Andre brushes it off, stating it was nothing. Hakeem warns Andre he's going to learn the hard way, and Jamal suggests that Andre watch his back.

Cookie has had enough of the Kumbaya Dwight and makes it clear she needs her fighter Lucious back, and if he's not in there, than he can just go paint a symphony, and she'll avenge the family. Lucious swears he's doing the best he can to look over her and their family, and what he does know is that Andre isn't being honest. Lucious had a plan of attack -- divide and conquer. He wants Cookie to deal with Jamal, and he's going to figure out what is up with Dre and the Dubois family. 

Thirsty Keeps Busy

Cookie just cannot help herself, and she confronts Diana who has surrounded herself with burly security guys. Cookie swears all she wants to do is return the engagement ring Angelo gave her. It's a family heirloom, and Cookie knows how important family is to Diana. At the last minute, Cookie throws the ring in the street. She takes off, and as Diana's henchman try to retrieve the ring before it's crushed under a car. Thirsty snaps a few pics of the whole scene. 

Thirsty tells Lucious he's got a friend who works for the security company that Diana employs. Diana has five guards assigned to her, and Thirsty got photos of the four who were with her all day. Thirsty did some digging into the fifth man's whereabouts, and learned his name is Sven. He's on the clock, but he's not with Diana. Thirsty got Sven's location which is a hotel in midtown. He and Lucious figure that's where they'll find Warren. 

Warren is laid up and looking pretty rough. And as if he doesn't feel bad enough, he's got Angelo babysitting him. Warren wants to know about Jamal, and Angelo says Warren's ex is either in jail or will be there soon enough. Warren tells Angelo that Diana ruined him, but Angelo doesn't agree. He thinks Warren played himself, but Diana is a woman of her word, so she's going to take care of Warren's father (whatever that means), and maybe Warren can head back to California and start over. Angelo is incredibly smug. He warned Warren what would happen if he fell for a Lyon.

Nothing Comes Between Blood

Shyne wants to work with Hakeem on an album for the "20-for-20," but Hakeem's still in a bad way about Bella. He also hasn't forgiven Tiana, and he throws some shade her way. She smacks him in the face telling Jamal he should go be with his baby mama. Hakeem throws a little tantrum, claiming he'll never be with anybody because being in the music business messes everything up.

Shyne isn't exactly the nurturing type, but he comments that it looks like Hakeem is in need of some guidance. He asks Hakeem to take a ride with him. They head out to the suburbs where Shyne houses all his babies and two of their mamas. Shyne has three sets of kids with three different women and zero drama. Syne doesn't mess where he eats, none of the women are involved in the music industry, or any of his other business ventures. He advises Hakeem that connections fail and relationships die, except for the ones by blood. Shyne tells Hakeem that he can't ever let anything or anyone come between him and his kid; no lawyer, no baby mama, no drama. Baby comes first and family follows. 

Andre's Paranoia Gets the Better of Him

Andre may have played it cool for Mom and Pop, but he has no trouble questioning Pamela if she's in cahoots with Diana. She has no idea what he's talking about, and Andre reveals someone is after his family. Pamela points out somebody is always after the Lyons, but Andre reveals it's different this time. These attacks are incredibly personal. 

Pamela reminds Andre about the secret she just shared with him and is pissed he'd even suspect her. She thought they had something special. Andre grabs her as she tries to leave, realizing that he's getting dumped and makes a giant scene in the cafe, screaming "I'm sorry" as she walks away. Not only do onlookers have reason to be concerned, so does Thirsty who's spying on Dre for Lucious. Thirsty puts a call into his boss, and both men find a forlorn Andre sitting alone. 

Lucious questions what's up, and Andre tries to play it cool; he's just grabbing a cup of Joe. But Thirsty saw his meltdown, and Lucious wants the truth. Andre admits he's seeing someone, and Lucious is curious why Andre would keep it a secret. That's when Andre drops the bombshell that Pamela is a cop. But Andre assures Lucious it doesn't matter since he just accused Pamela of finding the time to moonlight as a double agent for Diana DuBois. Andre is devastated, revealing he was going to introduce her to the family, and he never thought he could fall in love again after Rhonda. 

Andre leaves, and Lucious wants Thirsty to find out everything he can about Detective Pamela Rose. 

Cookie Learns Diana's Plans

Jamal's hanging around his apartment, mooning over Warren and pulls out a bottle of booze and a stash of pills. He throws the pill bottle aside but takes a swig from the bottle. 

Thirsty gives Cookie the hotel address, and she shows up angry and packing. She manages to get past Sven and tells Warren it's time for a chat. She wants Warren to go the precinct and say he threw the first punch, and Warren immediately agrees, giving Cookie his word. Pardon Cookie for not believing the man who lied to and betrayed her son. But Warren insists Jamal is the love of his life, and the least he can do is clear his name. Jamal also asks Cookie to tell Jamal he's sorry, but Cookie isn't about giving messages, she's about getting answers. She wants to know what Diana is up to, especially when it comes to Andre. Warren promises to divulge Diana's plans.

Later, Cookie shares what she learned about Diana compromising Andre's therapist, Dr. Lambert. It turns out Diana's got something on the good doctor. Andre pulls out his meds and admits he hasn't been feeling himself. Cookie figures Dr. Lambert was messing with Andre's meds, which in turn would mess with his mind, which in turn would get him to tell the doctor things -- incriminating things. Lucious wants to know if Andre said anything that could compromise the family. Andre did mention he wasn't able to perform sexually, but that's about it.

Cookie plans to deal with the doctor, but she wants Andre to get a new shrink ASAP, so he can get his meds adjusted. Andre is in a hurry to go apologize to Pamela. Cookie isn't thrilled about Andre dating a cop, but Lucious is sure she's lovely and expresses his eagerness to meet her. 

Hakeem learns Anika is living with Angelo, and he goes to see Jamal. Jamal isn't in the mood for a lecture about drinking which is fine because Hakeem isn't in the mood to give one. What he does want to do is cap every single member of the DuBois family. He's not about to sit by and watch another man raise his daughter or his brother drink himself to death. But instead of doing something stupid and self-destructive, the two make some music together, reworking the track Jamal had planned with Warren. 

The Final Blow

Pamela shows up at Andre's apartment, toting the gun she used to kill the man in the recent shootout. She tells Andre he can take the gun down to the precinct, they'll file it away as evidence and she'll go to jail for the rest of her life. Andre questions why he would do such a thing, and Pamela responds that he called her a liar and accused her of colluding with people she doesn't even know on the heels of her sharing the deepest, darkest secret of her life.

Andre apologizes and tries to explain about the shrink and the meds and Diana DuBois, but Pamela doesn't want to hear it. She's more interested in talking about the man she murdered, and how that will haunt her for the rest of her life. She doesn't think Andre can possibly relate to that kind of guilt. So, Andre does the dumbest thing possible -- he admits he did something terrible.

Thirsty arrives at Lucious' with some very bad news. There's no record of a Pamela Rose working for the NYPD. Cookie immediately tries to call her son, but Andre ignores her call in favor of confessing to trying to murder his father.

Pamela wastes no time telling Andre that he's been got. She's really work for Vegas Metro, and she's been undercover this whole time. And Andre, he's going to prison for the rest of his life. When Pamela tries to arrest Andre, he attacks and a struggle with a loaded gun ensues. Andre pins Pamela to the ground and chokes her to death.

Cookie and Lucious arrive to find Andre hysterical, but there's no Pamela Rose. It turns out Pamela was completely a figment of Andre's imagination -- the woman never existed.

Did you see the Pamela twist coming? Will Lucious finally strike back? How will the Lyons exact revenge on the DuBois family? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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