[VIDEO] The 8 Craziest Reality TV Feuds of 2017
[VIDEO] The 8 Craziest Reality TV Feuds of 2017
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Viewers tune in to watch their favorite reality TV shows for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they're fans of ballroom dance; or they're romantics who want to witness two strangers meet, fall in love and get engaged; or sneaking a peek inside the lives of affluent housewives is a guilty pleasure; or they get a thrill out of witnessing people eat nuts and berries or lock themselves away like the Unabomber for a shot at some serious cash. But no matter what the program, all reality shows share one thing in common -- drama. Friends, family, partners and competitors can all get a serious case of "the grumpies" and turn on each other faster than Hollywood did on Harvey Weinstein. Here's a look back at reality TV's craziest fights from 2017.

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8. Claire Buitendorp vs. the Rest of the Cast (Project Runway, Season 16)

After winning a challenge that included a $25,000 payout, Claire admitted to Tim Gunn that she had a measuring tape at the hotel and had measured garments from her own closet inside her room (a big Project Runway no-no brought to Gunn's attention by competitor Michael Brambila, who was salty after Claire's win.) Claire was sent home empty-handed. But when the group gathered for the reunion special, the measuring tape scandal was brought up, and Claire backpedaled furiously, stating she took the tape home by mistake and never used it to measure anything outside the workroom or nearby restroom. Tim reminded Claire she confirmed she'd cheated at the time, and Claire claimed she was confused because of the onslaught of negativity and accusations that were coming her way. The other contestants called BS at Claire's weak attempt to save face. If you're going to lie, don't wait until you've already confessed to the crime in front of 2 million viewers.


7. Maksim Chmerkovskiy vs. Vanessa Lachey (Dancing with the Stars, Season 25 )

Series regular Maks and his celebrity partner, Vanessa Lachey, were early favorites, wowing judges on the dance floor. But rumors began to circulate that the twosome weren't exactly chummy behind-the-scenes and were faking it onscreen for votes. Things came to a head when Maks ditched his partner in week three, forcing Vanessa to dance with Alan Bersten instead. Host Erin Andrews cited the ambiguous "personal issue" as the reason for Maks' absence, but an unidentified source told ET Maks refused to rehearse with Lachey. Maks sent out an apology to Vanessa and returned the following week. Viewers may have never witnessed the two arguing, but Maks has a history of clashing with his partners (Kirstie Alley, Amber Rose.) The Ukranian dancer has the reputation for being a bit...intense, so, when Maks is involved, it's safe to assume where there's smoke, there's fire.

6. Corinne Olympios vs. Taylor Nolan (The Bachelor, Season 21)

Corinne may have made a splash with Bachelor Nick Viall when she dropped her top during a photo shoot, but the pampered princess' hijinks didn't go over well with the other women. One bachelorette in particular, Taylor, made no secret of her dislike for Corinne leading to a not-so-cozy fireside chat during episode 4. Corinne called Taylor out for being rude, and Taylor, a mental health counselor, offered up her expert opinion that Corinne lacked the "emotional intelligence" to be in a serious, committed relationship with Nick. Corinne felt Taylor was calling her stupid and told Taylor to stop treating her like a "fucking idiot." Corinne went on to call Taylor a bully and disingenuous, and the bad blood between the two continued for the remainder of their time together on the show.

5. Christi Lukasiak vs. Yolanda Walmsley (Dance Moms, Season 7)

Christi and daughter Chloe returned to the show after a two-year hiatus, during which Christi continued to be a stage mom as Chloe modeled and acted, even winning a Teen Choice Award. Not everyone was happy to see Chloe put back on her dancing shoes, and Christi found herself at odds with mini-mom Yolanda (the minis were Abby Lee Miller's next generation of meal tickets before she landed in prison.) During episode 23, a Happy Hour turned into anything but when the tension erupted between the drunken moms. Yolanda thought Chloe was a has-been while Christi accused Yolanda of being jealous of her, correction, of wanting to be her. The two argued over whose daughter was more talented, and things got so heated, Christi chased Yolanda down the sidewalk and gave her a strong shove. The dance moms clash constantly, but this proved to be an epic battle that won't soon be forgotten between an OG of the ALDC and a mommy-come-lately.

4. DeMario Jackson vs. Rachel Lindsay and His 'Ex' Girlfriend (The Bachelorette, Season 13)

Group dates are crowded enough without one of the bachelors bringing a plus one, which is exactly what happened when DeMario's girlfriend, Lexi Thexton, showed up unexpectedly during episode 2. The woman told Rachel that she and DeMario were dating until he suddenly ghosted her. Then she saw his appearance on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special in March where he was introduced as one of Rachel's suitors. The women confronted DeMario who tried everything to save his ass: denying knowing Lexi at all, questioning the woman's mental health and seriously fudging his account of their breakup which never happened, according to some very incriminating text messages Lexi had the foresight to save. Rachel made it clear she wasn't going to be played and politely told DeMario to "get the fuck out."

3. Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney vs. Scott Disick (Keeping up with the Kardashians, Season 13)

The first family of reality television headed to Costa Rica for vacation, dragging Kourtney's ex and nobody's favorite D-bag Scott Disick along. Kim caught Scott with another woman and was forced to break the news to her sister that Scott flew in a sidepiece. At a family dinner during episode 10, Scott was confronted by Kim, Khloe, Kris and Kourtney about his classless behavior. Scott's excuse was that if Kourtney would just screw him, he wouldn't have to bang groupie sluts and subsequently embarrass her and the entire Kardashian clan (no easy feat.) A disgusted Khloe couldn't wrap her head around Dick's inability to not get his dick wet for a few lousy days and threw a glass of water on him (more specifically, his crotch.) Kris and Kim followed suit. Scott tried to lighten the mood by cracking a joke, but he wound up leaving Costa Rica early -- probably in search of dry clothes.

2. Josh Martinez vs. Mark Jansen (Big Brother, Season 19)

Almost the entire house spent most of the summer trying to get out Cody Nickson, and leading the charge was veteran player turned puppet master, Paul Abrahamian. After Jessica Graf claimed to have an advantage that could save her and Cody, Paul nominated the couple for eviction in episode 17, resulting in a little dust-up. Paul ran and tattled that Cody was mean to him. Paul's ride-or-die Josh to began to rail against Cody. Mark stuck up for Cody, who wasn't there to defend himself, and Josh turned his fury on the Lou Ferrigno look-a-like, unleashing a litany of expletives and squeezing in a few other insults like Mark sucked, he was bland and he was a bully. Then Josh got out some pots and pans -- his signature move to annoy people aside from merely breathing -- and smashed them together in Mark's face. Mark grabbed them and seemed ready to clobber Josh upside the head when Kevin Schlehuber and BB intervened.

1. Kandi Burruss vs. Porsha Williams (The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 9)

Our favorite Georgia peaches are experts when it comes to throwing shade, but Porsha took things to a whole new level when she accused Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker of planning to drug her and take her back to their sex dungeon. During a group getaway to Hawaii, Kandi confronted Porsha, who wouldn't back down, stating she "heard" about Kandi's supposed sexual assault scheme from someone (this someone turned out to be former cast member, Phaedra Parks.) Kandi, who's by all accounts a teetotaler and whose home is sex-dungeon-free, was outraged and feared what effects such a despicable claim could have on her reputation and her business. Fans know when it comes to Kandi, you don't mess with her mama, her man or her money. Kandi had to be dragged away from the dinner table as she threatened to strangle Porsha (Kandi was later vindicated, and a tearful Porsha apologized.)

Does reality TV need to dial back the drama, or is that what makes it so addictive? Did we miss a noteworthy blow up? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 

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