Does Winning Memorable Year Night on 'Dancing with the Stars' Help You Win the Mirror Ball?
Does Winning Memorable Year Night on 'Dancing with the Stars' Help You Win the Mirror Ball?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's Most Memorable Year Night on Dancing with the Stars, an emotional and powerless theme that always brings out good scores. And historically, getting the highest score on this night is a very good thing if you want to win the Mirror Ball, especially in recent years.

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In total, the show has done this theme 11 previous seasons (for the sake of this list, I'm including season 16's "Best Year of My Life" Night). In all of that time there was only one season where there was a tie at the top of the leaderboard for Most Memorable Year Night, meaning 12 couples have won the night.

Of the 12 pairs to win the night, five went on to win the Mirror Ball. However, that has been a recent trend, as all five winners come from the past seven seasons (Meryl Davis, Alfonso Ribeiro, Bindi Irwin, Nyle DiMarco and Rashad Jennings).

Another three stars who won the nigh went on to get second place (Katherine Jenkins, Corbin Bleu and James Hinchcliffe). The first person to top the leaderboard on Most Memorable Year Night, Ricki Lake, finished in third place.

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That leaves just three stars who won the night, but failed to reach the Final 3: Alexandra Raisman, Willow Shileds and Christina Milian. Oddly, all of them were partnered with Mark Ballas, who may have the best record at winning Most Memorable Year Night at four times, but Katherine is the only one of those partner to finish in the Final 3.

However, Dancing with the Stars has evolved and the recent trend is the one to keep an eye on. With five out of the last seven seasons, the winner from Most Memorable Year Night also won the Mirror Ball, with Hinch coming in a close second.

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If you're going to get the best score for any one night, this is the time to do it. Whoever ends up on top of the leaderboard for Most Memorable Year Night in season 25 could easily be the person who will eventually win the Mirror Ball.

Do you think the pattern will continue for season 25?

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