'Dancing with the Stars' Video: Jordan Fisher Was Robbed of the First Perfect Score
'Dancing with the Stars' Video: Jordan Fisher Was Robbed of the First Perfect Score
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Dancing with the Stars season 25's Most Memorable Year night brought the emotion but when it came to dancing proficiency things were a bit uneven. The judges were very generous in their scores, giving out 6s and 7s where a 5 might've been more appropriate. But one routine in particular was underscored by one judge. Jordan Fisher was just shy of the first perfect score of the season, receiving a 9 but not a 10 from Len Goodman. Jordan was, quite simply, robbed.

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Most of Len's critique was about seeing Jordan singing the national anthem at the Rams game and joking about getting better football tickets. So it's hard to know exactly why he gave Jordan the lowest score of the panel. However, love or hate him for it, Len's always been consistent about what type of dance he responds to as a judge. Len has never liked contemporary routines, feeling they're too full of "fluff."

Jordan's routine was undeniably contemporary. It had several of the "gimmicks" that Len hates. Even with those conventions, it was one of the best versions of that type of dance Dancing with the Stars has ever seen. (The only one that even rivals it was Rashad Jennings' Most Memorable Year routine, which Len also underscored.)

Jordan's dance wasn't quite as flashy as some of his competition but the simplicity worked in the routine's favor. Jordan and Lindsay flowed gorgeously together and around the dance floor. The lines were clear, elegant and dripping with emotion. As much as the dance was unquestionably contemporary it didn't rely too much on the conventions of those dances. There wasn't a lot of schmaltzy flying or completely unnecessary lifts. 

Jordan and Lindsay's routine was the perfect example of Most Memorable Year night and a contemporary dance. Everything that Jordan and Lindsay were trying to achieve was pulled off effortlessly and that's significant because several dances emphasized the emotion and the story more than the actual dance. Nearly everyone's dances managed to pull at the heartstrings but Jordan was one of the few who melded that emotion perfectly with technique and choreography. 

Len might not like contemporary dances and he shouldn't be faulted for that fact. Len being a stubborn grump is part of his charm and function as a judge. At the same time, if any dance should've melted Len's reserves about the genre, it should've been Jordan's dance. 

But what do you think? Did Jordan deserve a perfect score? Was Len too harsh? What would you have given it? Did any other dances of the night also deserve a 10? 

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