Has Chunk Been Forgotten About on 'Bull'?
Has Chunk Been Forgotten About on 'Bull'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Chunk started Bull Season 2 with a strong storyline. He wanted to be a lawyer and managed to secure a scholarship to a New York college with the help of his boss. However, since then, it's like he's been forgotten about. While he's popped up now and then, his involvement hasn't been crucial. Have the writers forgotten all about him or lost track of his storyline?

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No More Prepping Clients

Chunk's role in the TAC Team is prepping the clients. In the past, he's helped worked on their look and style to ensure the right message is put across to the jury. The appearance of a client shouldn't really matter, but people do create opinions based on first appearances and Chunk's involvement has been crucial to ensure the right opinion for the case.

He has also always been involved in preparing clients for questions. Because of his softer and kinder approach, he tends to be the person that clients warm up to and feel comfortable around. They can set up positive experiences to look back on when they're in court. In some cases, the work Chunk has done helped Dr. Bull and the legal team win the case.

But over the last few episodes, Chunk's role in TAC has been abandoned. In the latest episode of Bull, he was used as more of a bodyguard. While he does have an NFL background, it's almost like the writers have forgotten everything Chunk now does for Dr. Bull. Cable and Danny may not have as much focus, but their roles within TAC are still the same and they are still crucial elements. Marissa remains the leader at TAC when Dr. Bull is in court, offering advice based on mirror jury opinions, and Benny remains the all-important lawyer. Chunk comes across as the spare part in the operation.

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The Abandoned Law School Storyline

Chunk mentioned this week that he's "not a lawyer yet." It was a quick reminder that Chunk is still at law school, but also a stark reminder that the show has gone nowhere with this storyline. There is a lot of potential with Chunk going back to school. He could shadow Benny and use the skills he's learning in prepping clients.

Instead, it's almost like the writers have forgotten about him or just don't know how to integrate the storylines. Sometimes it feels like they gave Chunk this character development without thinking it through fully.

Chunk no longer plays a vital role in the storyline. While fans would miss Chris Jackson, the character has started to become forgettable. It's a huge shame considering the diversity and intrigue he can bring. There is room for growth, if only the writers would give him more focus and attention in episodes. The writers need to focus more on this law school storyline and integrate it with current cases better.

Are you disappointed with Chunk's involvement in episodes? Would you like to see more about him at law school? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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