'Bull' Recap: Dr. Bull Takes a Case Without the Support of the TAC Team
'Bull' Recap: Dr. Bull Takes a Case Without the Support of the TAC Team
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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Bull's Thanksgiving episode, titled "Thanksgiving," finds the TAC team on their own, celebrating the holiday in their own respective ways. Dr. Bull finds himself handling a boxer's case all on his own. Elsewhere, Marissa and Chunk have to tackle Thanksgiving catastrophes.

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The Crime

An up-and-coming boxer is slated to throw a fight with a much bigger and stronger fighter. He will get $25,000 if he just sits back and takes the beating, but midway through the fight, he has a change of heart. He knocks the other fighter out with a series of hard lefts and goes home to celebrate with his wife. Their celebrations are soon cut pretty short when they find a dead body in the trunk of their Ford Taurus. The wife panics and calls the police but quickly hangs up before they answer.

The boxer, Bobby Lewis, is accused of beating his drug dealer neighbor to death, and his attorney approaches Bull on the street on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Bull has already sent the rest of the team off on their respective holiday celebrations -- Chunk to Georgia, Marissa to Florida, Cable to her apartment, and Benny to Florida.

Thanksgiving Details: Marissa, Benny and Chunk

Marissa's plans to spend her Thanksgiving on the beach is thwarted by Kyle getting mugged. She helps him get a new passport for some secretive China trip, and it's all so weird and shady. This dude is totally up to something. I just wish they'd get on with it already. When she attempts to get her trip underway, she realizes all her credit cards are over the limit.

Benny's flight to Dallas is delayed, and a pretty woman falls asleep on his shoulder. He has absolutely no chill when he tries to interact with her. She wants to buy him a drink, but he balks, and they have some awkward exchange about her age. He actually asks to see her ID, and it turns out she's 34. Benny winds up giving his seat on the plane to the woman, and he's all moony and smitten with her.

Chunk arrives in Georgia and immediately gets some good news from a young family member, Anna. She's been accepted to NYU, but her mother says it's too dangerous. She enlists Chunk's help in convincing her mom to let her go. The ensuing conversation about whether or not she can go results in Chunk revealing to the girl that he's her father. Maybe.

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Bull to the Rescue

Bobby's attorney, Galvin Barry, recruits Bull into having drinks with him to discuss the case, but as usual, Bull is leery about his chances. Jury selection starts the very next day, and this will cut into Bull's office dinner and football binge on the big TAC TVs. Barry implores Bull to just go see him, and we all know good and well that Bull is going to take this case. Why does CBS even go through the whole skepticism song and dance?

Bull goes to see Bobby in Rikers, and he's unsurprisingly flippant and arrogant. He interviews the boxer, and he tells Bull his story, including his checkered past, gang affiliation and subsequent reformation at the hands of a good woman. He recounts the events of the night, but Bull is reluctant. He makes him tell the story over and over again, something called false reiteration, and Bull finally is convinced, though he knows he's leaving something out. It's probably the fact that he was meant to throw the fight.

The Complications

Bull meets a familiar ADA on the courthouse steps. She offers a very insulting offer that she calls a "holiday special." Bull and Barry obviously decline the offer, and Bull makes it clear he is uncomfortable with how far they're drifting from his usual methods. Barry is far too grateful and ingratiating for me to respect him, and Bull can smell a bootlicker from a mile away.

They draw an unsympathetic judge. During jury selection, it becomes almost solely about their feelings concerning gangs, and a racial subtext breaks out among the co-defense attorneys. Barry momentarily grows some confidence and defies Bull's suggestion to strike a juror. They have a few words, but the trial gets started nonetheless.

Another of Bobby's neighbors testifies about the events of the night in question. She downright lies about Bobby getting into a fight with the dead guy. She decimates his alibi, but Bull struggles to find out why she would lie. He continues to suspect that Bobby isn't telling him something.

Bull struggles to make sense of the whys and the hows of the murder, but it's a visit from Danny that offers a little clarity. She recommends that he re-watch the fight, and Bull quickly discovers that Bobby threw the fight. Of course, Bull takes it personally and makes it totally about himself.

Bull has a little talk with someone connected to the murder, and the charges are inexplicably dropped. The case is dismissed, and Bobby is free to go. Bull wins again. Bull confesses to renegotiating Bobby's terms with the fight-fixers, but he still acts repugnant about it. He even gives a little lecture. But that's Bull for you. 

Has Marissa finally caught up to our suspicions about Kyle? What do you think is his actual deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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