'Bull' Recap: Does Dr. Bull Get Even with an Old Friend?
'Bull' Recap: Does Dr. Bull Get Even with an Old Friend?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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Bull and the team take on a case involving Bull's old friend, psychologist Dr. Donovan Benanti, who is being sued for malpractice. What looks like another slam dunk case for the team turns into a nightmare when Bull questions whether or not his old buddy had a forbidden romance with a patient.

The Case

Dr. Donovan Benanti, a successful clinical psychologist and friend of Bull's, is in trouble for the actions of his patient Lex. It hardly seems fair that he could be held responsible after his patient gets fired and then walks back into work to shoot and kill the partners of the firm before turning the gun on himself. Doing what Bull does best, he takes on the case with confidence and the mission to clear his friend's name. But all isn't what it seems -- in more ways than one.

Digging Deep

Their first break in the case comes after they discover that one of the widows suing the doctor for her husband's death was the one who referred Lex to the good doctor. Why would she sue if she was once a patient? Especially after Benny cross-examines her on the stand and she has nothing but great things to say about Benanti and how he helped her. Bull watches closely and notices that Benanti is smiling wide during Mrs. Harper's testimony. Could they be in love and wanted her husband out of the way?

A Nightmare Come True

Bull corners Benanti during recess to ask him about his relationship with Harper. He guarantees his good friend that he never crossed any ethical lines. Something doesn't sit right with Bull, though. He can't put his finger on it until he asks Danny and Cable where Lex sourced the gun. They aren't sure, but they know it was a Beretta, the same type of gun that Benanti had years back, Bull recalls.

The Twist

Bull doesn't waste any time trying to get down to the bottom of things. He heads straight to the doctor with questions and gets a shocking surprise. Benanti may not have pulled the trigger, but he believes it was destiny when Lex came to him after being fired. He could put Lex out of his misery and be with the woman he loved. It was a win-win, and he tells Bull that there isn't a thing he can do about it due to patient confidentiality. Bull does the unexpected in anger and spits on him in disgust.

Bull's Revenge 

Unable to let his former friend walk after Mrs. Harper tells Bull that she never had a relationship with Benanti, Bull finds a way to toe the line of the law and get Benanti behind bars after he is found innocent. The team has to do it without the help of Benny, though. Bull doesn't want to get him in trouble with the bar. Bull tells the team the truth -- that they all just helped a killer walk. But they can change that with the help of Harper, who goes to dinner with her husband's killer to coax him into confessing. 

In the end, the team puts a killer behind bars and Bull rests easy ... for now, anyway.

Will the doctor question his skills? He makes his living reading people, but after being conned by a close friend, will it happen again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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