'Bull' Recap: Can Dr. Bull Win Back the Admiration of His Team?
'Bull' Recap: Can Dr. Bull Win Back the Admiration of His Team?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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Dr. Bull is notorious for taking on hard-to-win cases on Bull. But in this episode, titled "Reckless," he has signed the team up to defend a man who is mute and facing the death penalty for rape, murder and arson. Their latest client Elliott Miles' case tests the team's relationship, their admiration for Bull and their legal abilities.

Off the Deep End

After receiving the news that his ex-wife is getting remarried, Bull takes the news hard. It's a Bull we've never seen before. He drinks heavily and is arrested for public mischief. Marissa has to bail him out of jail. In the car, she gives him a speech. He has been drinking too much and sleeping in his office. His clothes don't fit. She no longer admires him.

It is her words that seem to be the motivation for Bull to take on one of the hardest cases. After meeting a mute man in jail who was extremely kind to him, Bull sees his face in the news and decides to take on his case -- a decision that sees the team trying to leap over obstacles so big that Benny and Bull begin fighting.

Benny no longer feels like he is a part of Bull's team since he is calling all of the shots. Bull overrides Marissa's suggestions during jury selection. The whole process has the team on edge.

Dealing with the Past

After telling everyone he is fine, Bull pays a visit to his ex-wife. It is clear that he still loves her as he tells her he is happy for her but sad for himself. Izzy wanted to tell him but let Benny do it for her after receiving Bull's voicemail several times. She saw it as a sign.

She tells Bull that he isn't good on his own. Her words make Bull think as he leaves her apartment, wishing her a happy marriage and life.

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From Bad to Worse

During the trial, a neighbor of the dead couple points to Elliott, telling the jury that he is the man who she saw leaving the burning house. The judge denies Benny's request to dismiss the witness who didn't go down to the station to identify Elliott until long after his face hit newspapers.

Elliott's girlfriend also fails to be of any help. Chunk decides that she would be a bad eyewitness to confirm that Elliott returned home early the night of the murders after she shares that she is with him for his money.

When the prosecution brings a new witness in, Bull and Benny are beside themselves. It is Elliott's girlfriend. She takes the stand and tells the jury that Elliott actually came home later than she told police. Benny is angry that she is changing her story. The pressure on the stand becomes too much for her. She cracks and reveals that her neighbors and people at work have been harassing her. In exchange for security and protection, the prosecution asked her to change her account of the night.

A Mistrial

Benny calls for a mistrial, but the judge refuses. All of the pressure gets to Bull. After court ends for the day, he announces to Chunk and Benny that he is sorry. He needs a drink, closing out the episode with those famous words: to be continued.

Will Bull and the team be able to turn this case around in their favor? Can they save Elliott's life? Will the team be able to return to how they once were? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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