'Bull' Recap: Can Dr. Bull Free a Convicted Killer?
'Bull' Recap: Can Dr. Bull Free a Convicted Killer?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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Bull hits the rewind button in this episode, titled "Absolution." Derrick, an old client of Bull's, has just received a promotion. He's on top of the world, enjoying some time with his co-workers at a bar celebrating. He even meets a woman. But when she turns up dead, Derrick's world falls apart -- and so does Bull's when he's on the verge of losing the case.

Fast Forward 9 Years

Now that bite marks are seen as junk science (as Bull points out) he wants to try and win Derrick his freedom. It has bothered him for years knowing that Derrick was put away for the murder of a woman he just met. Bull thinks he is innocent and that the evidence is weak. Between the bite mark, a coerced admission of guilt and Derrick's DNA on the woman after they kissed, Bull thinks he can win this time around.

A Bump in the Road

Aside from the prosecution having it out for Derrick, finding a new jury pool proves to be hard since some have remembered Derrick's case. During selection, Marissa only sees jurors in the red and they outweigh the green, but Bull is optimistic. 

That quickly goes down the drain when Derrick's former colleague Josh discusses how they all popped a pill the night of the woman's murder. The prosecution is quick to paint Derrick's statement about the pills as an admission of guilt. Maybe if he didn't give his friend a pill, he wouldn't have murdered the woman?

Late Nights and Long Days

Bull and Benny pull an all-nighter. Bull isn't so sure he should have taken this case on again. He is worried that he'll lose again this time and let Derrick down. The next morning, Benny cross-examines the detective who coerced Derrick nine years prior. He moves the needle back to green, winning over two jurors, when he asks the detective how he came up with Derrick as a suspect. He points out that Derrick's apartment was never looked through and that judging by the timeline the detective spent about 45 minutes before he decided Derrick was his man. 

Benny also points out that the detective faked the victim's confession because by the time he got to her in the park, she was already dead. The prosecution suddenly wants to cut a deal -- a deal Derrick isn't willing to take. He wants his name back, and he isn't willing to plead guilty for a crime he didn't commit. Bull can't promise him anything, but Derrick doesn't care; he wants to take his chances with the jury.

Bull Redeems Himself

Derrick points out to Bull that he is willing to take a chance at being found innocent after his best friend Josh took the stand and acted as if he thought Derrick was the killer. Bull saw something entirely different, and after some digging he realizes that Josh is the killer. A bus ticket and DNA proves that nine years prior, Josh was the one who killed the woman in the park, raping and beating her. Since then, he has enjoyed his freedom in a corner office, making loads of money while Derrick rots in a cell.

Bull asks Josh to his office, and within minutes Josh is asking for his lawyer. The next day, Derrick is declared innocent in court and is reunited with his sister for the first time in nine years, thanks to Chunk. Bull is just as happy now that he has righted one of his wrongs from so long ago!

When it comes to Bull's present day cases, he and the team always seem to win.

Will we continue to see some of his failures pop back up now and again? Or will Bull fail to maintain his winning streak and bump into a jury he won't like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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