'Bull' Recap: Is The Team Helping A Murderer Get Away?
'Bull' Recap: Is The Team Helping A Murderer Get Away?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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Bull and the team take on a case involving a wife who looks awfully guilty after her very wealthy husband turns up dead. After Bull was recently duped by a close friend, could he be reading this case and his client wrong again?

The Case

The wife (Rebecca Lexington) of a notoriously wealthy man (Jeremy Lexington) is the main suspect when he turns up dead in their home. Even the Bull team has their doubts based on all of the evidence. A supposed intruder entered into a main door and shot Jeremy point blank between the eyes, a kill shot. 

Bull wants to take the case no matter how negative Rebecca's public reputation is and her flimsy alibi. He is also approached by a writer whose career is following all things Lexington. She tries to bribe Bull. She can give him some information about Rebecca in exchange for full access to the case. Bull laughs her out of his office.

Selecting the Jury

Choosing the jury is tough considering the Lexingtons are fodder for the tabloids. Rebecca, who came from nothing, is painted as a gold digger. Bull's plan of attack, choosing jurors who opt for a simple explanation when they are given a hypothetical situation. He wants to cut the drama queens and those with wild imaginations free. The team needs a pool of simple individuals. And that isn't all. 

A Mock Trial

They also need to figure out why Rebecca and her daughter, Olivia, are lying about their whereabouts during the murder. Benny pokes holes in both their alibis during a mock trial. Things aren't looking good for Team Bull if they do in fact have another murderer on their hands. Rebecca decides to come clean and tells Jason that her husband and she had a troubled relationship because of his gambling addiction. They are broke. He even spent their daughter's tuition money for college.

A Change of Heart

Bull and the team have a troubling start to the case, but things turn around when Bull is approached again by the writer who knows all about the famous family. She has had a change of heart and wouldn't be able to live with herself if Rebecca went to jail. She hands Bull a website address Jeremy visited before his death.

One Twist After Another

Cable gets to research the website that she finds on the dark web. The team discovers that Jeremy Lexington hired a hit man to kill him so his family wouldn't be broke any longer and would be able to collect on his $25 million life insurance. 

The twist is Rebecca wants to keep this information between herself and Bull as well as her lawyer. She would rather be found guilty and give her daughter the future she deserves. In Bull fashion however, he talks to the daughter. Come the close of trial, Rebecca's lawyer drops the bombshell revelation. Rebecca goes free!

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