'Bull' Poll: Should Jason Rehire Cable or Find Her Replacement?
'Bull' Poll: Should Jason Rehire Cable or Find Her Replacement?
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Two episodes of Bull have aired since Jason fired Cable, but we have yet to see any sign that he's going to hire her replacement anytime soon. ("Witness for the Prosecution" also made it clear that Cable's going to run into problems on her job hunt, and since she's still part of the show, that suggests we'll likely see her back at TAC.) But should Dr. Bull bring in someone new or rehire Cable?

No one's saying that what Cable did wasn't wrong. The others never argued that while discussing why she was fired in season 2 episode 15. What she did was a federal crime and almost cost a man his business. However, Danny also pointed out that they've all made mistakes. And while Dr. Bull has told Marissa to interview candidates, wouldn't that be something we'd see or hear more about other than Jason seeming assured that they'll be fine until they find someone if TAC was going to hire a permanent replacement?

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Would Bringing in a Replacement Be the Worst Thing?

No, it wouldn't -- at least not on a trial basis. TAC needs someone who can essentially be Cable for them right now, and they haven't had that for two episodes, despite needing someone for the cyber side of cases. Doing their job successfully without her or someone like her can only last for so long.

So, why not have Dr. Bull try someone out in her role, only to have it not work out for some reason? He does seem set on hiring a replacement -- he didn't even want to talk to anyone about her in "Witness for the Prosecution" -- and if that's truly the case, he should do it.

Why Jason Should (and Probably Will) Rehire Cable

TAC can't operate at the level it has since the beginning of the show without all its necessary parts, and one of those pieces is Cable. They don't have someone who can work the cyber side of things and we have yet to see any significant progress made in hiring someone who can.

Yes, Marissa's apparently interviewing candidates, but we have yet to see one of them and we haven't seen any real pressure from Dr. Bull to speed up that process. That could change, but we haven't seen any indication that it will.

Yes, Cable had to face consequences for her actions, and she has. In fact, as we saw, it's not like finding a new job will be quite so easy for her. She went for an interview, only to find out that no one from TAC had gotten back to the interviewer and then heard that they were looking into her security clearance history.

The interviewer didn't seem worried, but Cable certainly did. Since she's not reporting that she was fired and her previous employer isn't itching to offer a recommendation, it doesn't seem likely we'll see her at a new place of employment any time soon.

And that's probably because we're going to see her back at TAC in some form before the end of the season. After all, Danny did say that making mistakes is part of the journey, and this one is clearly part of Cable's and offered the opportunity for the series to show us more about who she is as a character. Why do that and set up an obstacle for her to overcome and not fully explore that?

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After not appearing in season 2 episode 16, Annabelle Attanasio is in episode 17, and the case in "Gag Order" sounds like one they'll need her (or someone like her):

"Bull agrees to help Chunk's daughter, Anna (Jazzy Williams), when her journalism professor, Chloe (Nikki M. James), is sued by a dating app developer for trying to steal data for an expose she's writing about sexual assault cover-ups. But the stakes are raised when the company alleges that she actually stole proprietary information and intended to sell it to a competitor."

Since Bull's helping Chunk's daughter, it stands to reason that he'd want someone whose work he can trust helping them on the cyber side of things, which could explain why it appears he goes to see Cable:

Bull 217 Cable Bull.jpgDespite what Cable did, they're going to want the best on the case in this instance and if they knew someone else who was available who was better, why wouldn't that person be working at TAC? It's obvious that it's going to have to be solely on Dr. Bull to bring her back; he told the others they could discuss the topic among themselves off the clock or at a new place of employment.

While he may not rehire her right away, this could be a first step. He could have her consult on select cases and have her on some type of probation. This could be a chance for Cable to prove herself to Dr. Bull and ultimately lead to a permanent return to TAC.

Danny has made her feelings on the subject clear. She doesn't want someone taking Cable's place. Given that the two women are meeting for coffee during the day in the photo below, we can deduce that Cable hasn't found a new job and I can't see Danny not continuing to make sure Dr. Bull knows they should bring her back.

Bull 217 Danny Cable.jpgWhat do you think? Do you want to see Cable back at TAC? Do you want to see TAC work with someone new, even if it's just for one episode?

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