Will Cody Ever Learn from His Mistakes on 'The Amazing Race 30'?
Will Cody Ever Learn from His Mistakes on 'The Amazing Race 30'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf jumped from one CBS reality show to another. The pair met over the summer on Big Brother 19 and became a powerful showmance, though they made numerous mistakes and didn't make it very far. Less than two weeks after that show ended, the duo began their journey on The Amazing Race 30.

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During the premiere, Cody and Jessica seemed very impressive. They were focused and assessed the other teams as being surprisingly and disappointingly intelligent. They were the first team to finish the Roadblock when Cody impressively beat out a Yale student in a spelling competition. It looked like they were coasting to an easy victory on the first leg.

But then, when they simply had to run and find Phil, disaster struck. Cody and Jessica got lost, walking around for what seemed like forever and eventually falling back into second place.

Fans of Big Brother 19 may notice that the mistakes they made on the Race was nearly identical to many of the times they went wrong in the Big Brother house. Cody was just leading them blindly, walking without purpose and just trying to find Phil as Jessica voiced concerns that they were lost and should take a second to reconsider their approach. Cody seemed to ignore her and keep pushing forward.

On Big Brother 19, this is exactly what they did wrong. In week 1, when Cody was HoH, he came up with a secret plan to backdoor Paul, but didn't tell anyone in his alliance about it, not even Jessica. It backfired and his allies turned against him because he didn't consult them. Later, when Jessica was HoH, she got a bad gut feeling that her pawn, Ramses, was in danger and she considered using the Power of Veto to save him. Cody talked her out of it, telling her to stay the course and just have faith. It didn't work out and they were the next two HGs evicted.

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This appears to be Cody's fatal flaw. He's stubborn, a true alpha who refuses to ask for help or spend any time debating his decisions. While some may follow the old adage "Measure twice, cut once," Cody just cuts without measuring at all, trusting that he can just intuit the right way to do it.

To his credit, Cody at least seems aware of his shortcomings. In the first episode of The Amazing Race 30, he bluntly admitted that he and Jessica were terrible at Big Brother. And after finishing the first leg, he recognized that they made a bunch of stupid mistakes, hoping to get them out of the way.

But can he change? Can you teach an old do new tricks? The biggest challenge for Cody and Jessica on The Amazing Race 30 will be if he can learn to be more of a beta, spending more time thinking and listening to Jessica than he does running off in any direction.

It's clear that Cody and Jessica have the focus and drive to win the Race. We know from Big Brother 19 that they're very competitive, so the Roadblocks and Detours shouldn't be that much trouble. But when you're traveling around the world, sometimes you need to stop and ask for directions. Will Cody ever develop that skill?

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