Which 'Celebrity Big Brother' HG Should Return for an All-Stars Season?
Which 'Celebrity Big Brother' HG Should Return for an All-Stars Season?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The first season of Celebrity Big Brother is over. While we wait for news on a second season (which Julie Chen puts at 80 percent likely to happen) and count down the days until the start of Big Brother 20 this summer, it's always fun to speculate wildly.

It seems unlikely that Big Brother will ever do another All-Stars season, but if they do, there are plenty of people to choose from. The question is: Could one of the Celebrity Big Brother HGs compete against the likes of Frankie Grande and Vanessa Rousso?

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Most of these celebrities would probably never agree to a full, three-month season of the game (heck, even three weeks was too much for Keshia Knight Pulliam and Metta World Peace). But maybe it's possible, and if not, instead of having a sequel to the celebrity edition, CBS could just give us a three-week version with All-Stars.

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Here are my top picks for potential celebrity HGs I'd most like to see again.

Marissa Jaret Winokur
: If Big Brother were ever to do a tournament of champions, a three-week, all-winners season, the winner of Celebrity Big Brother would be a solid choice. She was fun, bubbly, and to be honest, the show doesn't have a particularly deep bench of female winners. After Rachel Reilly, Nicole Franzel and Jordan Lloyd, you're only left with Lisa Donahue, Jun Song, Maggie Ausburn and Over the Top's Morgan Willett.

James Maslow: If I had to pick one celebrity who would fit in the best on a regular season, it would be James. He's young, good-looking, athletic and has a huge potential for a showmance, or at least a flirtmance. That's something the producers clearly love. And even though he only won a single competition, he came in second in all six HoHs he played in. It would be fun to watch him go against true competition beasts like Victor Arroyo or Frankie Grande.

Shannon Elizabeth: The other celebrities called her the best player of all-time, so why not put her in a house with other former HGs to see if that's true? She's certainly willing to play hard and make big moves, which could be fun. The only problem is that she seems way too similar to Vanessa Rousso, and if I had to pick one to return for an All-Stars season, it would be Vanessa every time.

Ross Mathews: Many people think she deserved to win. And despite being hated by the jury, he still won America's Favorite Player. Though he'd probably never play the game again, the show does love to bring back former Fan Favorites for another shot (Janelle Pierzina, Jeff Schroeder, Frank Eudy and James Huling).

Omarosa: Just imagine the terror on all of the other HGs' faces if Omarosa came in to play the game again. She's already said that she'd open to doing more reality TV and even if you disagree with her on issues, she makes a fantastic reality TV villain. She's manipulative, deceitful, willing to make up lies and throw people under the bus, and she does it all while staying perfectly calm. I could do without all of the White House stories, but her gameplay was so much fun to watch as she maneuvered her way through the game to the Final 5.

Which celebrity would you like to see play the game again, either in a regular season, an All-Stars season or just another short, three-week season?

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